Layers of Fears Offers a Brush With Horror Once Again Next Year

Layers of Fears Offers a Brush With Horror Once Again Next Year

Matt Lorrigan

Bloober Team has announced Layers of Fears, the latest game in the first-person horror series, coming to Xbox Series X|S next year.

The somewhat confusingly-named sequel will be a first-person psychedelic horror game, building upon the foundations of Layers of Fear, LOF: Inheritance, and Layers of Fear 2, but offering up a “surprising new story and gameplay direction”.

Layers of Fears is being built in Unreal Engine 5, with support for ray tracing, HDR, 4K resolution, and will use Unreal's Lumen lighting for the “most immersive and visceral” horror experience possible.

“Layers of Fears will be the complete, definitive and at the same time unpredictable way to discover the stories of artists enslaved by their obsessions. Prepare for an exquisite horror experience thanks to the expanded plot lines that will cast a new light on the overarching narrative,” reads the official description.

You can check out the official reveal trailer down below. Layers of Fears is coming to Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC in early 2023.

  • Ooooo yay
  • Holy crap! Looks great. There are coming a lot of horror games in the next few months. RE4 remake, Dead Space Remake, Callipso Protocol, Routine, Aliens Dark Descent, Evil West, Kojima's next game, this new Layers of Fears and counting...
  • Not very excited about this one. Seems like mash up of 1 of 2 which were not all that great. Will get at deep discount or maybe GP day one like some of their titles=)
  • @ViNyLek I agree, I dont really understand why the first was hyped that much aside frome 2-3 jump scares it was quite bad tbh, but I was happy that bloober team got some money with it and used it on better IPs.
  • Exactly Kennie! The only one of their games I really enjoyed would be Medium and thanks in no small part to amazing soundtrack! The rest has been a filler not worth really recommending…
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