Metal: Hellsinger Demo Drops Ahead of September Launch

Metal: Hellsinger Demo Drops Ahead of September Launch

Richard Walker

Funcom and developer The Outsiders have revealed that Metal: Hellsinger, the “headbanging rhythm shooter” set to music from metal artists like System of a Down's Serj Tankian and Arch Enemy's Alissa White-Glüz, will be launching this September. If you can't wait until then to play it, there's a demo to download now.

Playing as ‘the Unknown’, the demo level enables you to blast demonic enemies to the beat of vocals by Alissa White-Glüz, shooting, dashing, and executing takedowns in time with the music, as you pursue a spot on the leaderboard. You can take a look at Metal: Hellsinger in action in the new gameplay trailer below, then take the demo for a spin.

Metal: Hellsinger will be coming to Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC on 15th September, priced $39.99/£33.49, with pre-orders offering two-day early access, so you can begin your hunt for the Red Judge, lord of the Hells, before everyone else.

  • Tried this out today and I'm pretty disappointed in it. I love the idea, but the execution is lacking. I really don't like the crosshair beat timing aspect, if they included different options for that, like a bigger crosshair and make it clearer for the timing, I would probably enjoy it more. Also I REALLY don't like how you basically have to earn the song that is playing, as without the streak bonus, it's just generic music.
  • I thought it looked like a poor Doom take as soon as I saw it tbh.
  • I was hugely disappointed with the demo and can now take this off my radar. The game has potential, but it's got some flaws, and it is hugely misleading.

    For starters, the game is immensely repetitive and all of it's allure goes away very quickly, leaving you feeling like, "Is that it? Is that all this game is?" Also, for a game that relies heavily on rhythm and one's pace to the rhythm, none of the guns should ever have to reload because it not only totally screws up your rhythm, but it also slows the pace of the game, which also screws with you finding that rhythm.

    All the trailers make the game look like it's Doom with metal made from actual label signed metal artists, where it's this killer metal played over intense gunplay. This game is not that... You have to essentially "earn" listening to the song/lyrics by chaining a 16x streak of "perfect" rhythm attacks. If you so much as miss one attack, the streak drops, and so does the song, stripping it down to a generic metal rhythm.

    I don't get why they thought that to be a good feature for the game. It diminishes a major selling point of the game, and it's a complete waste of the talent they hired, as you only get to hear dribs and drabs of the metal tunes while you play because your streaks constantly get broken because no one can ever truly have 100% accuracy for the entirety of each level. It actually makes you feel robbed while playing because when you amass a 16x streak and the metal tune plays as it was intended, you get into it, you start headbanging, you miss an attack, the song gets stripped, and you immediately feel disappointed.

    The game should have just used the metal tunes as they were intended to be heard without having to earn them, and made it so that when you develop "perfect" rhythm streaks, you acquire bonuses. Playing the demo just made me feel like, I'd much rather play Doom instead.
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