Outriders Worldslayer Co-Op and Endgame Content Showcased in New Trailers

Outriders Worldslayer Co-Op and Endgame Content Showcased in New Trailers

Richard Walker

Square Enix and People Can Fly have shared fresh details regarding Outriders Worldslayer, the forthcoming paid expansion for the co-op looter shooter released in April 2021. In two new trailers, you can take a look some co-op gameplay and get a glimpse at the new endgame content included with the DLC.

Outriders Worldslayer will enable new players to use a Level 30 Boost to gain the requisite level to jump straight in, and face the deadly Trial of Tarya Gratar during Worldslayer's endgame. The endgame challenge will take you to an entirely new region of Enoch, holding some of the planet's “deepest secrets” and greatest challenges.

As well as difficult enemies, you'll also face epic boss battles and uncover Troves filled with valuable loot, including new Legendary Gear. This includes the new Apocalypse Gear, which adds a powerful third Mod slot. The Trial of Tarya Gratar promises to be a tough gauntlet, resetting you to the beginning after each run or upon dying too many times.

Each time you restart the trial, you'll be more powerful and better equipped to face another run, growing your Outrider's power to potentially complete the Trial of Tarya Gratar at higher Apocalyse Tiers for even better rewards. Outriders Worldslayer will be launching on 30th June. Check out the latest trailers below.

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