Starfield Gameplay Reveal Takes You to Several of the Game's One Thousand Planets

Starfield Gameplay Reveal Takes You to Several of the Game's One Thousand Planets

Richard Walker

Bethesda has released a new gameplay reveal for Starfield, the sci-fi planet exploration RPG adventure from the makers of Fallout and Elder Scrolls. Set in the year 2330, Starfield will see you venturing to new worlds beyond the solar system, where you'll find a new place for humanity to settle.

Starting out as a space miner, using a laser to harvest minerals, you'll join space exploration group ‘Constellation’, seeking rare artifacts across the galaxy, and navigating the Settled Systems. The gameplay features a look at dialogue exchanges with NPCs, combat, mining, base-building, and shows off the “unparalleled freedom” you'll have as an intrepid spacefarer.

Starfield will be heading to Xbox Series X|S and PC in 2023, available via Game Pass. The game was previously scheduled for a November 2022 release, but was delayed until next year, alongside Arkane Austin's upcoming co-op vampire shooter, Redfall. Check out the 15-minute Starfield gameplay reveal trailer below.

  • 1,000 planets. "It JuSt WoRkS"
  • seemed really generic and lifeless
  • Seemed like a sterilized Fallout sans the soul and a curious lack of gore. No blood at all. So are they purposely toning down the violence to get a T rating for larger market appeal? There's also no swearing which leads credence to that theory. The gameplay looked serviceable, but the animations are incredibly stiff. Sadly that's to be expected from a Bethesda game at this point. The story seems interesting if a bit generic sci fi fare so far. The space stuff was nice to see. But again, kind of generic. Nothing really standout from what was shown. So overall I think there's potential there. I want to see more. But I don't think it's as cool as I previously assumed it would be based on that footage. Hopefully I'm wrong and future trailers will make it awesome.
  • i was getting an F4 and Outer Worlds vibe (that's not a good thing) from the trailer. go to space, join a faction, build stuff etc.

    building the space ships actually looked super cool. but the rest (got a generic Mass Effect vibe as well) was under-whelming.

    oh well, it was still better than the landslide of childish, cartoon-y crap on the way.
  • I was looking forward to this but after watching the trailer i have to say I'm disappointed. The gunplay and enemy AI looks absolutely horrible. The whole design looks so automated and generic. I'm sure the game is gonna be worth it but as for now it's a disappointment.
  • Different reaction to the above, I'm more interested after the demo than before.

    Combat looks very RPG-ish, and will likely be reminiscne to fhtFalliut 76 and recent Bethesda releases. The exploration, narrative and Ship building aspects are the best looking parts for me.

    This is going to have enormous amounts of jank and bugs, but I'm excited nonetheless.

    It might look like an amalgamation of Outer Worlds, No Man's Sky, mass Effect and Fallout but I think that's excellent.
  • I half agree. Combat definitely looks crap. So stiff and boring, point bang bang at enemy till bar go empty. But the NPCs looks compelling with a solid story behind them also the aspect of exploration and base/ship building has me sold.
  • 1000 planets he says? What a chore. I would prefer a thousand times if they give us 200, 150 or even 100 planets worth exploring in full detail with their unique athmospheres, secrets, lore, flora, fauna and such than 1000 generic, homogenous, almost empty, repetitive and boring planets. I am afraid that by the looks of it, this game could turn into a very much quantity but very low quality kind of game. Movement and combat looks very average and generic aswell. Now, I have mix feelings after watching this game's preview. Not so hyped as before, really.
  • This game looks great and almost everyone is saying it looks generic and plays like rubbish lol, and then comparing it to great games like fallout 4 and outer worlds, even funnier. Almost as big a joke as the admin on this site :D
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