Dying Light 2 Free 'In the Footsteps of A Nightrunner' Chapter Now Available

Dying Light 2 Free 'In the Footsteps of A Nightrunner' Chapter Now Available

Richard Walker

Techland has announced that Dying Light 2 Stay Human patch 1.4 is out now, bringing with it the game's first free chapter and a new Photo Mode, as part of the game's five-year support plan. New in-game content, events, and systems are also introduced via the latest update.

Titled ‘In the Footsteps of A Nightrunner’, the free Chapter 1 episode has you aiding former Nightrunner, Harper, as he attempts to push back the Special Infected endangering the people of Villedor. Meet Harper at the Fish Eye Canteen, and help him take down Special Infected (including the new Volatile Tyrant and Volatile Hive enemy types), and you can unlock some powerful new gear.

As part of the update, a new rank system and unlockables attached to your role helping out Harper in his various tasks, is available, offering high-end weapons, outfits, and consumables to earn. Furthermore, you can tackle Daily and Weekly Bounties, purchase new items using mutation samples from Special Infected corpses, and Harper Tokens earned upon reaching each new rank.

In top of all that, purchasing a special Chapter Mission Ticket from the Chapter Agent will offer access to challenging time trials that put stealth, parkour, and combat skills to the test. Dying Light 2 Stay Human Chapter 1: In the Footsteps of a Nightrunner is available for free now, alongside the new Photo Mode, and other patch 1.4 additions. Take a look in the trailers below.

You can check out our Dying Light 2 Stay Human review here, and you can expect the first proper story-driven DLC for the game sometime in September.

  • Can’t get over how bad the graphics are on this game, even on XSX with OLED tv.
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