Resident Evil VII, Resident Evil 2 & 3 Next-Gen Comparisons: Evil Finds a New Home on Xbox Series X|S

Resident Evil VII, Resident Evil 2 & 3 Next-Gen Comparisons: Evil Finds a New Home on Xbox Series X|S

Richard Walker

Released earlier this week, the shiny new-gen versions of Resident Evil VII biohazard, the Resident Evil 2 remake, and Resident Evil 3 remake offer the perfect excuse to revisit three gorgeous RE Engine survival horror games, now with added ray-tracing.

And, it's been a while since we did a comparison, we thought we'd stick these under the microscope, seeing whether activating ray tracing has an impact on each game's frame rate, and which of the available settings are the most worthwhile. Does the next-gen upgrade provide what Capcom says is "a more vivid, smooth, and immersive experience.”

The Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 versions of Resident Evil 7 biohazard, Resident Evil 2, and Resident Evil 3 are all available now. You can take a look at our comparisons of all three games below.

  • Does anybody knows how many GB's of hard drive space are necessary to have all of these three games up an running on Xbox Series X with next-gen patches installed?
  • played all 3 in last 12 months and just finished village, free upgrades are always the way when we have 2 console generations available, still in use, but i want to see my series x finally being pushed more often
  • @CANTIN: I've only installed RE2 to my Series X so far and I can tell you that one is roughly 23GB. I installed a fresh digital copy from my library, so I assume it's the upgraded one.
  • @merc mcguirk. Thanks a lot for your reply. You know, I have RE2 installed in my Xbox One X with 22 GBs. So assuming as you say that you recently install your digital copy in your Series X with 23 GBs, then it means the visual upgrade is just 1 GB or so. Which is cool by the way, because I was afraid this patch could be like another 10 or 20 GBs of extra space like many other upgraded games out there.
  • @CANTIN: I just popped my physical copy of VII in the Series X and it's asking for a 23.5GB upgrade patch. Base game is just shy of 20GB so that's almost 44GB install size for the upgraded version.

    I don't own a copy of 3 yet so someone else will have to test that one.
  • I could be wrong, but I don’t think it works like that. If the upgrade is for improved textures I would imagine those new (larger) textures would replace the original on the drive. Used space would still go up, but not at a 1:1 relationship with patch size. If your RE2 is only 23.5gb it should confirm it. I had RE2 installed already and my upgrade patch was 23.5gb.
  • @webdoggy: That makes sense. I have no intention of actually playing through VII again - at least not anytime soon - so I didn't proceed with the install and can't confirm what the final size is. For the brief time they were in the queue before I canceled, both the disc and network installs were running parallel which is what led me to think the install size would be cumulative.
  • Currently between RE2 with most DLC, RE3 with the costume DLC and RE7 with all DLC I'm at about 130GB
    RE2 and 3 are around 23.7 each but RE7 is at 62GB
  • So it is around 130Gb to reinstall the three games with upgraded visuals. Ok, it makes sense. But I assume that being last-gen games we can use a standard external hard drive to play them in the Series X right? As long as I know only next-gen games need to be installed either in the internal hd of the Series X/S or using a super ultra mega expensive SDD drive from Seagate, isn't it?
  • If they have the upgrade they have to be installed on the internal drive to be played.
  • @webdoggy Really? At this rate, with only 1Tb of internal space for the Series X and the massive amount of Gbs new games are requiring, then we will end with 10 or 12 games intalled in the console at most. I think the next Xbox will need at least like 5Tb of internal storage to solve this disadvantage.
  • @catinflas or you know you can uninstall and reinstall games?
    also expansion cards are out I bought a 1TB expansion cards and currently have +40 games installed with still 317 GB free space and if I completed a game I uninstall it.
  • @Chpainkiller Of course I know you can uninstall games and reinstall them anytime. But many people really prefer to keep their games installed instead of delete them in order to make some room for new ones. And let's be honest, those SDD expansion cards are way too expensive. Only affordable for very few gamers nowadays.
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