Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition Takes You Back to 2019 Los Angeles on Xbox Today

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition Takes You Back to 2019 Los Angeles on Xbox Today

Richard Walker

Nightdive Studios has today released Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition, bringing back Command & Conquer developer Westwood Studios' cult classic 1997 point-and-click adventure, with a bunch of technical bells and whistles.

Set within the gritty dystopia of 2019 Los Angeles, as vividly depicted in the 1982 film, Blade Runner sees you playing as protagonist Ray McCoy, who is both the hunter and hunted, as he's tasked with tracking down rogue replicants. The game features more than 70 motion-captured characters, each with their own AI and agendas.

Original talent from the movie also feature, including Sean Young as Rachael, Joe Turkel as Eldon Tyrell, Brion James as Leon Kowalski, William Sanderson as J.F. Sebastian, and James Hong as Hannibal Chew - the fella who just does eyes and that. This enhanced release has high-resolution visuals and cinematics, fullscreen presentation, and more.

Real-time lighting and an upgraded frame rate from 15fps to 60fps, as well as modern controller support, anti-aliasing, and texture filtering also combine to make for a “faithful restoration” of the classic adventure game. Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, priced $9.99/£7.99.

  • So nice this licensed PC game from the 90s is coming to consoles. It's another small step towards game preservation and a more accessible future.
  • pre-covid?!
  • thats funny i dont see it in the store at all :'( nightdive dont care about australian xbox players. they let us wait 3 years for forsaken remaster...
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