PUBG: Battlegrounds' New Futuristic 'Deston' Map Launches in July

PUBG: Battlegrounds' New Futuristic 'Deston' Map Launches in July

Richard Walker

Krafton has announced that new PUBG: Battlegrounds map, Deston, will be launching next month, bringing with it a fresh environment to explore, which includes a partially flooded, futuristic megacity among its various landmarks. An 8x8 map, Deston will be PUBG's “largest, tallest and densest” environment to date.

Comprising urban settings with tall buildings to scale, Deston also includes rolling hills and plains, as well as newly designed swampland to traverse. “The map aims to deliver the sweet spot between fun gameplay and immersing players in realistic battlegrounds,” the announcement reads.

“Deston will challenge players to learn each biome of the map to understand how it will challenge them to consider different gear, vehicles and cover in order to claim a Chicken Dinner.” You can take a look at a full region-by-region breakdown of the upcoming Deston map below:

  • The Swampland - In the northern part of the map, PUBG: Battlegrounds' first-ever swampland has been created. This area is a unique environment, filled with new experiences for players. The dense and lush mangrove forest calls for many engagements to occur in close quarters.
  • Central Plains - The central plains provide the traditional experience that players have come to know and love. Similar to Erangel and Taego, this area strikes a balance between cover, scenery and points of interest (POI) for players to explore. Located within the Central Plains is the Lodge POI and it’s the biggest building ever made in the game. Players can hot-drop into the Lodge and experience how some hunters become the hunted.
  • Concert District - Party goers will have a ball in the Concert District as players will find a gigantic chicken balloon floating in the air. The Paintball Arena will also provide opportunities for short, medium and long-distance engagements. Players will want to familiarise themselves with this POI as it may come to the Team Deathmatch Mode lineup in the future.
  • Western Highlands - Marksmen will enjoy what the Western Highlands area has to offer as players’ sniper and designated marksman rifle skills will be put to the test. With minimal plants and a broad level of visibility, unsuspecting players may find themselves in the middle of the crosshairs. The winding hills and the dry, rocky atmosphere in the deserted coastal island area will allow for more cover and hide-and-seek encounters.

With the arrival of the Deston map, a new movement mechanic will also be added to PUBG, in the form of the new ‘Ascender’ motorised pulley, which can be attached to the walls of certain buildings, so players can seamlessly whizz from the ground to the top of a building and right back down again. No special item is required to use the Ascender.

With tall buildings, a new Emergency Parachute will be added as a default item in your inventory, and combined with the Ascender, you'll be able to slingshot yourself across the map. New Gas Pump Stations will also enable you to fuel up your vehicles, or you can blow them up to cause Michael Bay-style explosions.

The new Blue Chip Detector Tac Gear - a close-quarters version of the Spotter Scope - will also be available with the Deston map, as will new weapons, like the Origin 12 slug shotgun and powerful MP9 SMG for close-quarters engagements. You can find out more in the trailers and developer talk below.

Deston will be launching for PUBG: Battlegrounds on 13th July.

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