Magical Battle Royale Spellbreak Will Shut Down its Servers Next Year

Magical Battle Royale Spellbreak Will Shut Down its Servers Next Year

Matt Lorrigan

Spellbreak, the elemental magic battle royale, is shutting down its servers in 2023, developer Proletariat has announced.

Spellbreak made its full debut on consoles in September 2020, and it brought some unique innovations to the crowded and ever-growing battle royale market. We certainly enjoyed our time with it at launch, praising Spellbreak's traversal mechanics, but it ultimately couldn't compete with juggernauts like Fortnite, Call of Duty Warzone, and Apex Legends.

“After more than four years of elemental magic and spell combinations, we’ve made the decision to end development of Spellbreak,” said a statement from the Spellbreak development team. “The servers will be shut down as of early 2023. Thank you to the millions of players who have joined us in the Hollow Lands since 2018; it’s been an amazing journey.”

“Our vision was to create a fresh, multiplayer action-spellcasting game with exceptional movement and class customization that would give players the chance to unleash their inner battlemage. We are grateful to everyone in the game’s community for exploring the magical worlds and experiences we created together. Spellbreak was an ambitious project that saw our team push new boundaries in design and development and we are excited to continue to innovate as we create new titles in the future.”

We're certainly interested in seeing what the development team at Proletariat do next - maybe something single-player this time?

  • I’m very sad to see this game go. I wish companies would allow games to exist. There are still people who play this and other games that the publishers or whoever decide aren’t worth the effort. Sad day in gaming when entire worlds just cease to exist. :( look forward to next game from them. Hopefully it gets a fair chance.
  • And that's why the model of game is bad, if it doesn't do "good enough" it gets shut down and the people who did like it are left out to dry. What a waste.
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