Skate Gets New 'Pre-Pre-Pre-Alpha' Gameplay in 'Still Working On It' Trailer

Skate Gets New 'Pre-Pre-Pre-Alpha' Gameplay in 'Still Working On It' Trailer

Richard Walker

EA and developer Full Circle have released new “pre-pre-pre-alpha” gameplay footage for the upcoming new Skate game (not called Skate 4), showcasing some of the early builds of the game, and its current state, which is looking surprisingly good.

“We told you we’re back, and we’re still working on it - but it’s time for you to see what we’ve been up to,” reads the accompanying blurb for the video. “It’s still early, but we want to get this right and that means we want you to be a part of it.”

The latest trailer follows leaked footage from April, and offers a decent look at the game's physics, animations, and environments across the city of ‘San Vansterdam’, as well as a skate park builder, new methods of traversal, and more.

A closed playtest for anyone who signs up to become a 'skate. insider' here, will be available for PC players, but the new Skate title will be releasing for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. Obviously, a release date for Skate, is some way off.

  • It’s about fucking time.
  • I've been down for another Skate forever now but you totally sold me on that wall run! Dying the playtest is for PC only.
  • Skater XL held me over until Session. Session will hold me over until Skate. It's a good thing I don't play a lot of other games these days because I'm going to spend a lot of time fake-skating for the next couple years.
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