Kao the Kangaroo Update Roadmap Includes Achievement Fixes and DLC Outfits

Kao the Kangaroo Update Roadmap Includes Achievement Fixes and DLC Outfits

Matt Lorrigan

Developer Tate Multimedia has revealed an update roadmap for Kao the Kangaroo, the recently-released 3D platformer revival.

This roadmap includes free DLC outfits, some of which have already released, with more coming after August. More importantly, however, the roadmap reveals two big patches arriving in July and August, with both updates are set to include achievement fixes for issues which blocked progression.

Patch 1.3 will also include fixes for missing runes and collision problems, while Patch 1.4 will look to fix some missing scrolls, audio issues, coin and crystal progression, and add an option to invert the Y-axis. Finally, it looks like October will bring new Bonus Levels to complete, plus some Halloween-themed outfits.

“The reaction has been so positive and, along with the DLC already available - and future DLC as laid out official Kao Road Map - we’re happy to confirm Kao has a bright future ahead,” said head of studio Kaja Borowko.

We enjoy our time with the game in our Kao the Kangaroo review, but criticised the title's several bugs, glitches, and general lack of polish, so we're crossing our fingers that the game will be in a better state following the two patches come September. You can see the full roadmap down below.

  • Well it's September now and patch 1.4 wasn't released yet. I hope they do soon as I refuse to play without further fixes and an implemented option to invert Y-axis.

    Why release a roadmap if you don't stick to it? If it takes much longer I'm sure I'll loose interest in playing the game completely...
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