Red Dead Online Has Bonus Rewards in Free Roam Missions, Gang Hideouts, and Featured Series Throughout July

Red Dead Online Has Bonus Rewards in Free Roam Missions, Gang Hideouts, and Featured Series Throughout July

Richard Walker

We're in July, which means a new Red Dead Online update is upon us, following June's crop of rewards and bonuses. This month, you'll find 2x Gold and XP in Call to Arms, double RDO$ and XP on Free Roam Missions, as well as 2x the usual Character and Role XP for all Bounty Hunter Missions, including Legendary Bounties.

Additionally, there's 3x XP on Gang Hideouts, triple RDO$ on Featured Series, as well as a raft of discounts, a new Community Outfit to assemble, and more besides. From 5th to 11th July, taking part in the Call to Arms Explosive Series will reward you with 50% off the Lemat Revolver, while reaching Wave 8 or above in any Call to Arms map will grant an offer for a free Varmint Rifle.

The Hardcore Most Wanted Series follows from 12th to 18th July, with participating in Call to Arms offering 40% off any Shotgun, while completing a Blood Money Contract and one Opportunity rewards the red Gardenia Hat. Again, playing Call to Arms in the Hardcore Plunder and Spoils of War Series from 19th to 25th July will grant an offer for 30% off any weapon. Completing two Free Roam Events during the same week will earn you the blue Charro Jacket for Male characters and the blue Ballard Jacket for Female characters.

Finally, the Hardcore Last Stand Series runs from 26th July to 1st August, with a free Weapon Component for playing Call to Arms, and red Shaffer Chaps available for anyone playing with a Permanent Posse. If you're after more gear, then you can deck your outlaw out in ‘The Rambler’ outfit, from Redditor DonSolo.

Visit any tailor or the Wheeler, Rawson, and Co. Catalogue for the Brown Cayuga Hat, Blue-Brown Hartman Jacket, Brown Lancer Vest (male) or Buckskin King Vest (female), White Everyday Shirt (male) or Casual Shirtwaist (female), Black Rifleman Gloves, Black or brown Deadboot Gun Belt and Off-hand Holster, Black Lightfoot Pants, Dusty brown Worn Roper Boots, Brown Gerden Deluxe Spurs, to create the look.

Logging in anytime in July will also grant 15 Dynamite and 3 Gravesend Bolas, with anyone Rank 10 and up getting 100 rounds of Splint Point Rifle Ammo and 50 shells of Incendiary Buckshot Shotgun Ammo. Complete any five Role Challenges during any week in July, and you can add the blue Carbow Double Bandolier to your equipment, and winning three rounds of a Showdown Mode during any week will earn 50% off any weapon.

Tank locks on all Holsters and Off-Hand Holsters have been removed, too, and you can also take advantage of the following discounts throughout the remainder of July.


  • 25% off All Role Outfits
  • 40% off Role Weapon Variants
  • 30% off Improved Bow Variants (from Gus' Store)
  • 40% off Gun Belts
  • 40% off Off-Hand Holsters
  • 40% off Saddlebags
  • 50% off All Ammo
  • 30% off Multi-Class Horses
  • 40% off Fast Travel Camp Upgrade
  • 30% off Hats
  • 40% off Gloves

Prime Gaming members can claim the Cougar Snarl Emote for free, alongside five Gold Bars, and rewards for a free Navy Revolver and Vest. And that's your lot for July. You can get involved with all of the above in Red Dead Online now until 1st August.

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