Microsoft Activision Blizzard Acquisition Faces Fresh Scrutiny From UK Competition and Markets Authority

Microsoft Activision Blizzard Acquisition Faces Fresh Scrutiny From UK Competition and Markets Authority

Richard Walker

It seems that Microsoft's $68.7bn acquisition of Activision Blizzard is facing another hurdle, as the deal now faces fresh scrutiny from the UK Competition and Markets Authority. The watchdog will look into the agreement, to determine whether it'll have a detrimental impact on consumers and competitors.

“We'll consider if gamers could end up paying higher prices, with less choice or lower quality,” the commission tweeted (via GameSpot), with a link to the corresponding case page. The deadline for the UK Competition and Markets Authority investigation is up on 1st September 2022, at which point it will decide whether further action is required. Feedback from relevant third parties will also be sought prior to 20th July.

This is the latest obstacle the Xbox and Activision Blizzard merger has faced, following a similar investigation by the US Federal Trade Commission,  various lawsuits, and continuing reports of harassment and toxic work culture at the firm. CEO Bobby Kotick remains in his role for the time being (despite allegedly being aware of abuse and misconduct), as shareholders call for a report into anti-harassment efforts being put into action.

  • This is the best thing that can happen for Activision Blizzard and everyone trying to stop it
  • Don’t Activision already want to raise the price of the new COD?
  • is the acquisition good or bad? all depends on which console you own, i guess. ;)
  • Oh but they don't bat an eyelid when Sony commit tax fraud, illegal claim charity funds and blackmail/pressure small indie developers...
  • Pretty standard for that size deal no matter the companies involved
  • This is a UK authority dealing with competition and marketing and can do nothing to stop the acquisition. Best they can do is stop them from trading in the UK market. Personally i think what really bothering is the fact that call of duty franchise will go to gamepass and the others will have to fork out 70 quid for each game moving forward....and they have the cheek to say that MS can cause "detrimental impact on consumers and competitors".........£11.00 a month for gamepass with day one exclusives and over 100 games or £70 quid per game for the others........barking up the wrong tree yet again
  • Microsoft will keep CoD and other big games on Playstation going forward, they have already said as much, and if i'm not mistaken there has been zero claims of shitty/harassing work environments at any of the Microsoft Studios so they will more than likely clean all the trash out of the Studios they aquire as well so there's no reason to block this acquisition other than spite.
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