Skull and Bones November Release Date Confirmed With 'Grittier, Darker' Direction

Skull and Bones November Release Date Confirmed With 'Grittier, Darker' Direction

Richard Walker

Ubisoft has announced that Skull and Bones will be launching this November (as per a recent leak), taking the pirate fantasy to a “grittier, darker” place with all manner of newly-revealed details about the game, alongside a new cinematic CG trailer and a look at some fresh gameplay.

Starting out as an outcast with a modest ‘Dhow’ ship and only a spear to defend yourself, you'll set about growing your infamy (across 10 Tiers) as a fledgling pirate, looting treasure, crafting new ships and equipment, take on contracts, and interacting with fellow pirates at camps. You can play alone or with other players.

Each of the 12 customisable ships you'll acquire will have its own attributes and playstyle, while your crew will need to be kept happy, lest they decide to mutiny and take over the ship. If your vessel is sunk, you'll lose your ship and some of your progress, but keep hold of some of the cargo you've plundered.

As you explore, you'll encounter dangerous wildlife that can be hunted for meat and pelts, while natural resources like wood, stone, and so on can be harvested to sell or use. Weapons and armours can be crafted, spanning cannons, mortars, and such, and you can create your very own ship loadout.

As well as going head-to-head with other pirates online in PvP battles, you'll also need to be on the watch for pirate-hunting Privateers, and keep your spyglass at the ready to identify routes, land, safe outposts, and the coming of extreme weather events like rogue waves and storms.

Dynamic world events and a range of quests will be available to tackle, and you can play all of it solo, if you like. However, as a live multiplayer game, the game is primarily centred upon co-op and PvP play. Post-launch content is also planned, with free events, quests, and other stuff in the offing.

Transporting you to the Golden Age of Piracy during the 17th Century, Skull and Bones will be coming to Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, PC, Stadia, and Luna on 8th November 2022.

  • sounds very similar to elements of AC...but i'm still looking forward to cannons, booty and parrots(?) squawk!
  • Will hopefully be much less of a disappointment than Sea of Thieves. Looks good!
  • My opinion……. Nope
  • @The Rural Juror that was the whole point of this game to be similar to the ship combat from Black Flag
  • Bold move to release the day before God of War Ragnarok. Granted they probably couldn't have anticipated that, but you think they would move it back by a few weeks. Feels a lot like when Mad Max released the same day as Metal Gear Solid 5 and got completely buried by that...or EA burying Titanfall 2 right before or after Battlefield.
  • We'll get woke piracy. No thanks.
  • If it's multiplayer only, it'll be a pass for me.
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