A Single-Player Apex Legends FPS is in Development at Respawn

A Single-Player Apex Legends FPS is in Development at Respawn

Matt Lorrigan

Respawn Entertainment is hiring for a brand new single-player FPS in the Apex Legends universe (via Dextero).

Multiple job listings have popped up on Respawn's official website for an “Apex Legends FPS Incubation Project”, which is described as being “a brand new Respawn single-player adventure”.

“This new single-player title is a developer’s dream playground with the freedom to innovate made possible by the unique universe it inhabits,” reads the Hard Surface Artist job description. “Our critically acclaimed, multi-platform games have always established a “fun comes first” sensibility created with the notion that great ideas can come from anyone, which allows creativity to shine and individuals to shape the game in meaningful ways.”

There's not too much more to be gleaned from the job descriptions themselves, beyond this being a single-player first-person shooter. However, the mention of the game being set in Apex Legends' “unique universe” is certainly interesting, considering that Apex Legends exists within the same universe as Titanfall itself. However, the fact that the project is referred to as “Apex Legends FPS Incubation Project” perhaps suggests it's more closely tied to the battle royale game.

This appears to be the same single-player game that Respawn began hiring for last year, albeit with no mention of Apex Legends at the time.

Respawn previously confirmed in 2020 that there was no new Titanfall game in development, with EA revealing in 2021 that the decision to make Titanfall 3 lay with Respawn, rather than the publisher itself. Later that year, a community manager reconfirmed that Respawn wasn't working on a new Titanfall game, before the developer u-turned, saying that Titanfall was “the very core of our DNA” and that “who knows what the future holds”. So who knows, maybe this is a new Titanfall game after all, and they'll name it something like Apex Legends: Titanfall?

We'll likely find out one way or another in the coming years. In the meantime, you can remind yourself how good Titanfall 2 was by reading our review here.

  • So... Titanfall?
  • i don't play AL. titanfall 3 will get my attention. more AL will not.
  • This is a weird way to announce theyre killing off Titanfall
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