DOOM 4 Footage Outed in New Behind the Scenes Video

DOOM 4 Footage Outed in New Behind the Scenes Video

Richard Walker

Once upon a time, the 2016 DOOM reboot was originally going to be DOOM 4, before developer id Software scrapped the game, which was set to be a more open-world take on the legendary FPS. Apparently, some referred to DOOM 4 as ‘Call of Doom’, due to its seeming resemblance to Call of Duty. Personally, I don't see it.

When we interviewed id's Creative Director Tim Willits back in 2010, DOOM 4 was in early development, and Rage was the studio's main focus at the time. “It's gonna be cool. It's gonna be awesome. Hopefully, it'll be even more awesome than Rage,” he told us. “For us as a company, every game needs to be better than the last.”

He added that “DOOM 4 needs to be even more awesome than Rage,” and now you can see what that initial vision for the game looked like, courtesy of the latest episode of the always-insightful YouTube series, Noclip. A look at some gameplay snippets and tech demos showcase something that has more in common with DOOM 3, featuring an encounter with an Imp and a hoodie-wearing enemy.

As for the setting, which appears to be an Earth-bound urban one, with an exterior city street and sewer tunnels, this isn't a million miles away from what got from 2020's excellent DOOM Eternal. Bloodsoaked glory kills and brutal death animations seem to have made it to DOOM and DOOM Eternal largely intact, while some of the weapon models look fairly close to those seen in the new DOOM games.

However, this is a DOOM game that will never see the light of day, with Executive Producer Marty Stratton noting that the overriding feeling at id Software was that DOOM 4 wasn't shaping up to be something that fans would want.

“We explored a direction and got to a certain point and felt like this really wasn’t capturing what we felt like was going to be a strong DOOM and what the fans would want from it,” Stratton explained as the reason that DOOM 4 was eventually scrapped.

You can take a glimpse at DOOM 4 in the latest Noclip video below.

  • well, let's hope it was longer than Rage (and had an actual ending).
  • Personally, I'm glad this version was scrapped. One of the things that I love so much about the Doom series is it's dark, brooding, hellacious atmosphere. To me, you don't really get that at all in those video clips. In the cancelled version, Doom looks so pedestrian, and thankfully, Id was smart enough to see that.

    @Richard Walker, I'm surprised you don't see why people called it Call of Doom. In the 37 second video clip from your "Call of Doom" link, it just screams CoD. In scene after scene, all you see is a bunch of no name grunts, with head sets and back packs, reflex scoped assault rifles, gearing up, piling in vehicles, running towards the catastrophic danger/event, raising their firearms all hooyah-ing in a circle, with that other scene of a guy standing, looking at a destroyed, likely iconic building. Keep the same video with the same scenes, except, swap the outfits with army fatigues, make the catastrophic danger/event a nuke, and make the destroyed likely iconic building the White House. Still don't see why they referred to it as Call of Doom?
  • @2 - Fair play! Call of Doom does make sense after all.
  • I think the most telling thing about "Call of Doom" was how brown and tan everything was.
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