Resident Evil 2 Sales Pass 10 Million Units

Resident Evil 2 Sales Pass 10 Million Units

Matt Lorrigan

Capcom has announced that 2019's Resident Evil 2 remake has now shipped ten million units worldwide.

Resident Evil 2 shipped four million units in its first month at retail, and has continued to have a long tail, thanks to frequent digital discounts across all storefronts. Capcom attributes the game's continued sales to continued high-quality Resident Evil releases, which boosted interest in all games in the series, along with “a flexible pricing strategy” across digital marketplaces.

Additionally, Capcom has been promoting the overall Resident Evil brand with regular content releases, including the live-action film, animated series, and the live-action Netflix series that begins streaming today.

The success of the Resident Evil 2 remake is well deserved in our eyes - our own Rich Walker called it “a superlative game” that gave “far more than you could ever ask for from a remake”. You can read our full review of the game here.

  • I really liked the remake of 2.

    Can we please have a Dino Crisis remake now?
  • Cuphead DLC sells one million in two weeks, Shredder's Revenge sells one million in one week, and RE2 sells four million in one month, 10 million overall for RE2.

    Do you see that AAA publishers? If you actually make a good game with depth and content, instead of making an exploitative pile of crap, it can be successful. That's a crazy notion, right? It'll actually make you some money... Sure it's not all the money, but some is still good. I bet the workers at MDHR, Tribute, Dotemu, and Capcom aren't picking up second jobs because they didn't rake in billions on a game made to focus on recurrent user spending.
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