The Rumble Fish Arcade Fighting Game Series Coming to Consoles This Winter

The Rumble Fish Arcade Fighting Game Series Coming to Consoles This Winter

Richard Walker

Publisher 3goo has announced that it's bringing The Rumble Fish arcade fighting series to consoles this winter, and to coincide with the announcement, there's an animated story trailer to watch below. The release of The Rumble Fish 1 and 2 will mark the first time the Dimps-developed series has been released outside of Japan.

It'll also be the first time the second game has been available for consoles, beyond a 2020 homebrew version released for SEGA Dreamcast. A 2D fighting series that has garner a cult following, The Rumble Fish first hit arcades in 2004, before follow-up, The Rumble Fish 2 introduced new characters and game mechanics in 2005.

Its cult status is attributed to its “fascinating characters and strategic gameplay”, which adopts two different gauges, as well as its sleek visuals powered by a ‘Smooth Mode Animation’ (S.M.A.) system. “The Rumble Fish is a very memorable game for us at Dimps,” said Dimps President Takashi Nishiyama.

We developed it as a 2D fighting game compatible with the Atomiswave arcade system board developed by Sammy Corporation. It may have a classic feel compared to current fighting games, but it was an ambitious project that employed a variety of visual expressions within the limitations of a system board that is now almost 20 years old,” Nishiyama added. “I'm proud of what we accomplished.”

The Rumble Fish and The Rumble Fish 2 are coming to consoles in winter 2022, with Nishiyama hoping that the release of both games could spark “renewed potential for the series to grow.”

  • I'm sure I've heard of this series but never played it. I'll take a look when it releases on Xbox.
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