Halo Infinite Campaign Co-Op Test Preview to Be Live Streamed Later Today

Halo Infinite Campaign Co-Op Test Preview to Be Live Streamed Later Today

Richard Walker

343 Industries is preparing to showcase the upcoming Halo Infinite ‘Campaign Network Co-Op’ test, which may, or may not mean it's actually arriving this week, as planned. Scheduled to roll out this week, the release of the Halo Insiders test has been a little touch and go, with 343 stopping short of committing to a concrete date.

However, today's live stream suggests that the test phase for Halo Infinite Campaign Co-Op could be imminent, with developers from the Campaign team promising to offer some additional details on co-op, while revealing an “early look” at the long-awaited mode in action. There will also be a peek at Mission Replay and more info on the “upcoming flight”. Hopefully, Forge won't be far behind.

The Halo Infinite Campaign Network Co-Op Flight beta test is due to be made available for Halo Insiders sometime this week, and hopefully, we'll have a better idea of timings and other details after the live stream preview, which goes live today from 1pm PT/4pm ET/9pm BST/10pm CEST. You can tune in below.

  • Modes and options that should have been there to begin with. Are we supposed to be excited for this??
  • @Blade Runner 07

    Then what's the point of them improving the game? They may as well give up, if nobody wants the updates...

    I'm looking forward to it anyway.
  • @OS

    They shouldn't have to improve the game by adding a feature that has been in Halo games since 2001. It's obscene that they left it out and thought that people wouldn't care or notice it. They should have learned with the backlash to removing local co-op from Halo 5. So many people have moved on from this game there's almost no point in adding it anymore.

    And do you think they are putting in their full resources into this so it works 100%? I'm suspecting that they're going to come back and say that they either can't get it to work or will only work for two people. And then you can probably say goodbye to any chances that there will be couch/local co-op, which is supposed to be introduced in Season 3.

    Co-op works in open world games. So does mission select. 343 chose not to implement these features because they are lazy and decided to further monetize the game. If they had any balls, M$ should have demanded these features from the start.
  • @Gravy - I was curious about local co-op. Season 3 they said? I remember 343 saying how players were bummed about there being no local in Halo 5 and that they'd make sure it returned for the next installment. Then they released the game with no co-op at all. Makes me wonder what's really going on at that studio.
  • @Steak - Yeah, last I heard it was Season 3, and I think that was back in April.

    The video in the article would make it look like they were playing local co-op because they were all sitting together and all four screens are on screen at once, but then why would they call it "campaign network co-op"? Plus, they're all playing on the same network, so obviously there wouldn't be any connection issues or lag. Hardly a "test". Guarantee it, day one, there are going to be server and connection issues. It's modus operandi.
  • Yet they made sure to get the MTAs running smoothly from day 1, then spent time further balancing them while delaying other features. I played this game for 10 minutes and lost interest. Doubt I'll go back even with co-op. 343 has ruined the franchise in my eyes.
  • Microsoft have become too lenient. They allow their developers to lazily skate by, all in the hopes to avoid any kind of bad press linked to developo crunch and harsh work environments. We now have teams that never provide what they promise and spend a ridiculous amount of time to get anything done. It's not just 343 either, hell look at Mojang. They cancelled the super duper pack, showed of Ray tracing on series x 2 years ago with nothing since and constantly delay and fail targets for updates. Obsidian as well, Outer Worlds, while still great, was a shadow of what was promised and there's Grounded. A triple A dev using game preview is a joke.
  • It's entirely fair to criticise the lack of co-op at launch, but this "lazy devs" rhetoric should get in the bin.

    Game devs are routinely overworked and underpaid, all for the pruposes of bringing us the equivalent of digital toys. It's a toxic mentality that should be avoided.

    Things like the management/mismanagemnt of the franchise or design choices are totally fair game and have warranted fair criticism, but efforts to try and avoid crunch and overworking devs should be applauded.

    As annoying as it was that co-op wasn't in at launch, I'm actually really looking forward to this. Gives me an my friends good reason to return to the campaign.
  • @Blakgravy

    Nonsense. They're lazy? No. Mismanaged and poorly resourced? Yes. But their devs clearly work hard.

    Yes, co-op should have been in launch but poor management and staffing means it didn't happen. They are damned if they do, damned if they don't. Add co-op and people moan it's too late. Don't add it and people will moan that they don't care. So what are they meant to do?
  • @Zenka, If you think operating a studio, maintaining harsh work environments with crunch periods and short release windows makes for a better game with all the promised features, then let me introduce you to Battlefield 2042, Anthem, Fallout 76, any Ubisoft game, any EA Sports game, Cyberpunk 2077, Marvel's Avengers, Diablo 2, and Warcraft 3: Reforged. I could name more, but I think you get the point...

    @Renegade, The answer is in the first sentence of your second statement, I think. What they were meant to do was release co-op at launch in a working, stable condition. The damned if they do, damned if they don't is all on 343 for breeding both mindsets, which they need to own because of the poor decisions made.
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