Aliens Single-Player Horror Experience Announced by Creed Champions Studio

Aliens Single-Player Horror Experience Announced by Creed Champions Studio

Richard Walker

Survios, the developer behind Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions, has announced a new Aliens project, set between the events of the original 1979 Alien directed by Ridley Scott and James Cameron's 1986 follow-up, Aliens.

Billed as a single-player “action-horror”, the game will feature a “thrilling” original storyline, and, presumably, loads of nasty Xenomorphs to evade, blast your way through, or both evade and blast your way through. Built using Unreal Engine 5, the Aliens action-horror will see you play as a “battle hardened veteran” with a score to settle against the Xenomorphs. Prepare for another bug hunt.

Solid details on the game are scant, with platforms unconfirmed beyond "PC, consoles, and VR", stopping short of specifying which consoles it's coming to. Fingers crossed it'll arrive on Xbox. There's also no date for Survios' upcoming Aliens game, as yet.

But, if it's anything like 2014's completely brilliant Alien: Isolation, then we're in for a treat. If you're craving Aliens action, meanwhile, you could do a lot worse than Aliens: Fireteam, which is available now for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

  • Yeah I hope it’s like isolation but better cause that game was fun as fuck.
  • Can you do better than Isolation? Not saying it was a perfect game or anything but it was kinda perfect for the franchise.
  • Action horror is vastly different from horror survival game. I would curb your expectations because this be about as similar to Isolation as RE5 was similar to RE2..
  • I don't know why they don't just make AI2, like for real
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