Halo Infinite Campaign Co-Op Gameplay Showcased by 343 Ahead of 'Alpha Pack' Narrative Event Coming Next Week [Update: Test Now Live]

Halo Infinite Campaign Co-Op Gameplay Showcased by 343 Ahead of 'Alpha Pack' Narrative Event Coming Next Week [Update: Test Now Live]

Richard Walker

Update: The Halo Infinite Campaign Network Co-Op flight is now live for Halo Insiders, so if you're signed up, you can rope in friends, assemble a four-person squad, and fight the Banished on Zeta Halo. Mission Replay is also included, so you can sample that, too.

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343 Industries has shared a proper look at Halo Infinite's upcoming Campaign Co-Op test, which is still supposedly on for this week, despite today being Friday. The long-awaited co-op mode is scheduled to arrive soon as a test for Halo Insiders, alongside the new Mission Replay feature.

“The Halo Infinite network co-op flight build is currently progressing through certification. Barring any issues, we are still targeting a go-live by end of this week," Community Director Brian Jarrard stated earlier this week. “Still targeting this week but it’s day by day as work continues," he added.

In a live stream held last night, 343 developers showed off Halo Infinite Campaign Co-Op in action, ahead of the proposed network flight. There's a glimpse at Mission Replay, too, while a new teaser trailer has also revealed that the next free Season Two narrative event, titled 'Alpha Pack', will be coming on 19th July.

You can take a look at Halo Infinite Campaign Co-Op gameplay in the video below, while you're waiting for the Halo Insiders test, as well as the upcoming Alpha Pack teaser trailer. Campaign Co-Op for Halo Infinite is currently set to roll out to all players sometime in August, unless something changes between now and then.

  • This is what they should’ve been showing off prior to December 8th, 2021

    ..too little too late imo

    They fumbled the shit out of this game so bad it’s sad for the franchise.
  • 343 out!
  • I’m still scratching my melon as to why it took this long. Maybe it was to monetize co-op somehow.

  • Been such a massive Halo fan for nearly two decades. So sad to admit that Halo is no longer the series it once was. The incompetence of 343 is utterly infuriating. 5 years to develop this game and still missing dozens of series defining features. A beta for co-op? This is Microsoft's number one studio. 343 seriously needs to be put on a new series. Give Halo to a different, competent developer.
  • Ayyy shut up y'all still gonna play it after all the complaints
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