Free Play Days Returns With MLB The Show 22, For the King, and Tropico 6

Free Play Days Returns With MLB The Show 22, For the King, and Tropico 6

Richard Walker

Free Play Days is back once mode, offering up another three games to enjoy as part of your Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership. This week, you can choose from solo and co-op roguelike RPG For the King, baseball sim MLB The Show 22, or dictator 'em up, Tropico 6.

In For the King, you can assemble your party, wield skills and magical weapons, and collect lore as you fight to save the kingdom and honour your fallen monarch. MLB The Show 22, meanwhile, features all of the official ballplayers, loads of customisation, and numerous difficulty levels, so you can play ball your way.

Finally, Tropico 6 enables you to rule over your own island republic, building infrastructure, rallying the people, making and breaking alliances, and stealing iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, to claim as your own. The game features solo play and competitive multiplayer, so you can settle who's the best dictator.

Free Play Days is live right now, and available all weekend until Sunday 17th July at 11:59pm PDT. Any progress made and achievements unlocked during the Free Play Days period will carry over to the full games, all of which are also discounted for a limited time. Take a look at the Microsoft Store links below.

Free Play Days - 14th - 17th July

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