Fall Guys is Getting Limited-Time Godzilla Cosmetic Items This Week

Fall Guys is Getting Limited-Time Godzilla Cosmetic Items This Week

Richard Walker

Mediatonic and Epic Games have announced that Godzilla cosmetic items will be coming to Fall Guys this week, with the Kaiju and some of his best mates heading to the Blunderdome soon.

“They might look a little cuter than their silver screen counterparts, but don’t be fooled - this roarsome collection of Kaiju are here to win,” the announcement blurb reads. The Godzilla costumes will be available for a limited time, available standalone or as part of a special bundle.

From 21st July to 25th July, you'll be able to unlock the Godzilla, Godzilla 1995, Mothra, King Ghidorah, and Mechagodzilla costumes for your Fall Guy bean, with Mechagodzilla available to unlock via the game's Season Pass. Alternatively, there's the Godzilla & Godzilla 1995 Bundle and Mothra & King Ghidorah Bundle for 1,800 Show-Bucks.

When the Godzilla cosmetics availability ends on Monday 25th July, Mechagodzilla will remain as a Season Pass reward until the end of Season 1. Fall Guys is free-to-play and available now for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC - since launch, the game has had 50 million downloads.

  • Did anyone play this? It's a terrible port of the Playstation version. Button prompts and all are for Playstation.
  • I have played this since launch (June 21, 2022) on the Series X up until now daily. I have tons of fun and laughs playing it. Blade Runner 07 didn't mention they played it sometime around launch (June 21st) on the XBox with the button prompts being PlayStation. Since launch, the game has been updated and lots of fixes implemented, and yes, that means no more PlayStation button prompts. I also play this on the PS5 and the game is near identical for graphics and performance.
  • Ill have to check it out. As of July 10th it still had the PlayStation button prompts. Not saying this party game isn't fun.
  • Granted I only played for a couple of hours on Xbox, I had a heap of fun.
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