Dead by Daylight x Attack on Titan Crossover Adding Ten-Outfit Collection Today

Dead by Daylight x Attack on Titan Crossover Adding Ten-Outfit Collection Today

Richard Walker

Dead by Daylight has today received a new Attack on Titan crossover, bringing a collection of ten themed outfits to the game, with a special sale also available on select outfits for a limited time. You'll also be able to earn daily rewards in-game, inspired by Hajime Issayama's popular manga and anime series.

Among the Attack on Titan Collection will be eight Very Rare Outfits for Survivors and two Ultra Rare Outfits for Killers, enabling you to dress Survivors Dwight Fairfield in Eren’s Uniform, Yui Kimura in Mikasa’s Uniform, Felix Richter in Armin’s Uniform, Meg Thomas in Annie’s Uniform, Zarina Kassir in Hange’s Uniform, Jake Park in Levi’s Uniform, Kate Denson in Historia’s Uniform, and Ace Visconti in Kenny’s Uniform. As for the Killers, meanwhile, you can deck out The Oni as The Armored Titan and The Spirit in The War Hammer Titan Outfit.

Attack on Titan has garnered award for its sweeping epic storyline set within a futuristic war-ravaged world, where themes of vengeance, morality, fairness, and kindness are all grappled with, inside the confines of Paradis Island, where humanity seeks refuge from Titans hellbent on wiping them out.

The Attack on Titan Collection goes live in Dead by Daylight today, and will be available through 26th July, with daily rewards for logging in including the Cadet Corps Crest Charm. Four additional exclusive Charms (The Scout Regiment Crest, The Military Police Regiment Crest, The Garrison Regiment Crest, and the Wall Titan Charm) will be made available once a certain number of outfits  have been purchased via the in-game store.

  • Ugh, only a couple of those look any good, and I say that as someone who watches AoT.
  • stupid
  • It's kinda cool as a crossover.

    The worst cross promotion I've ever seen was the World Of Tanks/WWE event. Very stupid.
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