Dead by Daylight Gets a Huge Gameplay Update and New Archives Tome

Dead by Daylight Gets a Huge Gameplay Update and New Archives Tome

Matt Lorrigan

Dead by Daylight has received a major gameplay overhaul in a new update, changing the landscape of the asymmetrical horror game.

The development team have focused on three main pillars to make the game a “fairer” and “more thrilling” experience - reducing progression time, increasing Killer powers, and Perk balancing.

A new progression system has been implemented to reduce the time it takes to progress a character by 75%, allowing for easier experimentation with different builds and characters. Additionally, Killers have been rebalanced to make them a more deadly force, with 10% buffs to destruction speed, and a 10% reduction for basic attack cooldowns.

Perks have also been overhauled, with 39 different perks reworked to either lessen their strength or increase them, in an attempt to make the meta less static. 

“Our community is at the centre of everything we do”, explains design director Matthew Spriggens. “This is the most substantial update we have ever done, and it is all to better our game and the gaming experience. It’s a very intentional shake up and we hope that this makes the Trials even more exhilarating.”

Launching alongside the new gameplay update is a new Tome, the Discordance Rift, with time-limited cosmetics and charms related to The Blight, Jonah Vasquez, Claudette Morel, and The Nurse all available.

Dead by Daylight is available now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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