GTA Online's Upcoming 'The Criminal Enterprises' Update is Seemingly Inspired By Current Events with High Gas Prices and a 'Feroci

GTA Online's Upcoming 'The Criminal Enterprises' Update is Seemingly Inspired By Current Events with High Gas Prices and a 'Ferocious Heatwave'

Richard Walker

Rockstar has revealed the upcoming ‘The Criminal Enterprises' expansion for Grand Theft Auto Online, a “sweeping update” featuring new missions, upgrades, and business prospects, set amid an “economy in crisis” in Southern San Andreas. Seemingly inspired by real-world events, gas prices are spiralling upwards, supply chains are in chaos, and a “ferocious heatwave” has gripped the state. Where do they get their ideas?

As an Executive, Biker, Nightclub Owner, or Gunrunner, you can take advantage of the turmoil, aiding the IAA in exposing the corrupt Duggan petrochemical company, suspected of “rigging the system” to cause a spike in prices at the petrol pumps. As part of next week's The Criminal Enterprises update, you'll operate as a “sworn-in” IAA agent, partaking in new and “elaborate” Contact Missions.

The Criminal Enterprises expansion also promises “highly requested experience improvements” for all players, as well as increased payouts across a range of game modes and other activities, with special events also rolling out throughout the summer months. For instance, new showroom floors will enable players to test drive and purchase new vehicles on the spot.

The new ‘Operation Paper Trail’ mission will also be coming to GTA Online, putting you in touch with Agent ULP, as you team up for a 1-4 player contract to investigate the Duggans' petrochemical operation. Ultimately, you'll need to find proof to determine whether the Duggans are indeed the cause of rising oil prices.

Additionally, all Business activities, Sell Missions included, will be playable in private Invite Only, Crew, and Friends sessions, with The Criminal Enterprises, and anyone who owns an Executive Office will have the aid of staff manager Lupe, who will source extra Special Cargo for your shelves. A new Executives side gig, two new sources of Special Cargo for Source Missions, and more, will also be available.

Bikers, meanwhile, can enjoy a free Custom Bike Shop Clubhouse upgrade, enabling MC Presidents to modify the spec of clients' bikes in exchange for GTA$ and RP. Two new Clubhouse Contracts and Bar Resupply will offer further opportunities to earn bonus MC income. Gunrunners can make daily deliveries Ammu-Nation for extra rvenue, and you'll find two new Resupply Missions (which you'll be able to launch from the road) at your Bunker.

Finally, Nightclub Owners can contact Yohan to tackle missions to acquire Goods for their Nightclub Warehouse, or drop a line to Tony for Club Management missions, which include two new ones. Within the walls of your club, you can also throw out troublemakers and passed-out VIPs to safe, off-site locations. There will be new vehicles on the way, too, including two new Imani Tech-eligible rides with special upgrades like remote control, missile lock-on jammer, and more.

New Tuners vehicles, as well as an expansion at Benny's Original Motor Works is also in store, alongside a new ride at Hao's Special Works, “new and deeper” customisation on several original vehicles, and more besides. Various improvements, balancing changes, and tweaks, as well as increased payouts will also be rolling out, with permanent boosts to Race and Adversary Mode payouts, increased rewards for Heists and The Doomsday Heist, and more cash for Bodyguards, Associates, and MC Members, and others.

Grand Theft Auto Online's The Criminal Enterprises update will be coming to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC on 26th July.

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