Ghost Recon Frontline Has Been Cancelled By Ubisoft Alongside Two Unannounced Games

Ghost Recon Frontline Has Been Cancelled By Ubisoft Alongside Two Unannounced Games

Richard Walker

Ubisoft has announced that Ghost Recon Frontline, the massive multiplayer shooter for up to 100 players (split into squads of four), set within the Tom Clancy-verse, has been cancelled, despite only being revealed in October 2021.

The cancellation comes alongside the scrapping of two other unannounced titles, as well as Splinter Cell VR, which Ubisoft attributed to a ‘changing financial environment’ during a financial call (via VGC).

It should perhaps come as no surprise that Ghost Recon Frontline has been binned, given the slew of negative feedback heaped upon the game upon its announcement. The 8-minute gameplay reveal (below) saw players running around collecting loot, shooting rivals, and deploying gadgets on the battlefield. To say it was greeted with disdain is perhaps something of an understatement.

Where this leaves the future of the Ghost Recon series is unknown, but clearly that future no longer lies in Ghost Recon Frontline.

  • LMAO

    I guess they realized that chasing the BR trend and slapping Ghost Recon on the front wasn't going to fly.
  • I love me some BR but even I wasn't going to play this..
  • Ubisoft is so lost with the Tom Clancy brand in general, but their games are also all so deeply cloned, I don't think Ubisoft is even capable of making something different and interesting anymore.
  • I’ll give you a few suggestions Ubisoft that will make you billions and keep me poor. Make a wild lands 2, splinter cell remastered collections, R6 Vegas 3, AC in Japan, and give us another ray man already. No micro transactions, no live service, no online only, just deep well written story with tight gameplay.
  • A new Splinter Cell with Sam voiced by Michael Ironside is all us Ubisoft fans want....period!
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