Roller Champions Isn't Getting Cancelled, According to Ubisoft

Roller Champions Isn't Getting Cancelled, According to Ubisoft

Matt Lorrigan

Ubisoft has denied that Roller Champions will be cancelled, in response to a recent report.

This past weekend, journalist Jeff Grubb reported that Ubisoft's multiplayer roller derby game would be cancelled after its third season of content. Now, Roller Champions developer Ubisoft Montreal has come out and denied the report.

“Let’s clear it out of the way first, Roller Champions isn’t getting cancelled, and Ubisoft fully supports it,” said the statement posted to the game's official Twitter account.

“What the Roller Champions dev team is doing is making sure we focus on what our players have told us needs improvement, and that supersedes all other priorities.”

In order to do this, Ubisoft Montreal is extending the length of Season 2: Disco Fever, with the new season not launching until the developer has put out updates adding in cross-invites and solving some issues that players have had with the game.

“As far as content is concerned, we can tell you that we've got exciting stuff planned for the next seasons. We strongly believe, however, that before we release new content, we've got to do right by our players, hence why we are taking the time needed before we do.”

Ubisoft recently cancelled four upcoming games, including two unannounced titles, Splinter Cell VR, and the controversial Ghost Recon Frontline. For the time being, however, it seems like Roller Champions isn't next on the chopping board.

  • Ubisoft could be denying it, knowing it'd affect sales of Season 3 if they didn't deny it. Who would buy a season pass if it's losing support afterward, right? I bet season 3 will release, some time will pass, and then the game gets dumped.
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