NieR: Automata Seemingly Has a Secret Area That Only One Player Can Access

NieR: Automata Seemingly Has a Secret Area That Only One Player Can Access

Matt Lorrigan

Remember when NieR: Automata players thought they'd found the final secret in the game last year? Well, it looks like there is in fact another secret, and no one can work out how to access it.

Things kicked off a couple of months ago when Reddit user sadfutago posted on the NierAutomataGame subreddit, asking how to access the “church area”. Players were confused as to what area they were talking about, and when pictures of the unknown area followed, many users on Reddit assumed it was a hoax, and it was mostly brushed off. A video showing sadfutago reaching an unknown door was also assumed to be faked, especially since it was filmed off-screen.

However, this all changed yesterday with the arrival of a direct capture video which sadfutago claims was captured on PS4. This capture showed the user entering the mysterious door in the Copied City, climbing down a ladder, and opening a pair of church doors.

Chaos ensued in the replies. Many community members still believe the footage is faked somehow, as no one else has been able to recreate the discovery. However, others have pointed out that the modding scene for NieR: Automata isn't nearly advanced enough to create a new area such as this, unless this one user has massively advanced the modding scene in secret.

If that wasn't good enough, sadfutago has today posted a much longer video showing off the discovery, with a twisting church-like corridor, a new cutscene, and a floating entity made of black cubes that can't be interacted with, although the game appears to think it is hostile.

This new video gives off the impression that this area is unfinished content hidden within the main game, rather than some planned secret, although you can never be sure when it comes to NieR game director Yoko Taro. So, is this a elaborate hoax? A viral marketing campaign for the upcoming Nintendo Switch version of the game? Or is this a proper discovery that will eventually be replicated by other players? Hopefully we don't have to wait too long to find out.

  • Interesting...

    Regarding the new, longer video: I wonder why he6 didn't open the chest in the far right corner of the church, next to the altar? Strange, that's the first thing I would have done...
  • Yea, I want to know what was in that chest?!
  • Chest requires 9S hacking.
  • @TimPhoenix

    You're right, forgot that - played it too long ago. I'm quite curious how this is going to end. Many people think that sadfutango is Taro himself - sadfutango means "sad twins" - a theme that Taro uses in a lot of his games...

    We'll see.....
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