GTA 6 Will Reportedly Feature First Female Protagonist and Vice City Setting, With More Cities Added Over Time

GTA 6 Will Reportedly Feature First Female Protagonist and Vice City Setting, With More Cities Added Over Time

Matt Lorrigan

Grand Theft Auto 6 will feature a playable female protagonist for the first time in the series, according to Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier.

The new information regarding GTA 6 comes as part of a report into the recent change in culture at GTA developer Rockstar. In the leadup to the launch of Red Dead Redemption II, Rockstar came under fire when co-founder Dan Houser claimed that staff were putting in “100-hour work weeks”, which led to developers speaking out and sharing their experiences with crunch work at Rockstar.

Bloomberg reports that Rockstar has made some sweeping changes since then, reinventing itself as a more compassionate workplace, offering mental health support, flexitime, and, importantly, a promise of no necessary overtime.

Alongside this report also comes some new details on what to expect from GTA 6. The game will reportedly feature two leading characters, one of which is a Latina woman, in a story inspired by bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde. One side effect of the reduced working hours has been a reduced scope for GTA 6, which once was planned to take place across North and South America. 

Now, however, the main map has been cut down, and will be a fictional version of Miami and its surrounding areas, suggesting a return to Vice City. This will still be a large map, however, and denser than previous GTA games due to an increase in interior locations. Rockstar does also plan to expand the game over time, adding in new cities and missions on a regular basis. 

Bloomberg's report also states that Rockstar is attempting not to “punch down” by making jokes about marginalised groups, and there's a concern among developers that it's hard to even satirise modern America, given recent events.

You can read the full report over at Bloomberg here.

  • Vice City was always my favourite so will be glad it’s back and always had a feeling it had to be the next location because it’s been so long. Bonnie and Clyde angle sounds cool as well. But I’m iffy on the “punching down” and satirising comments. I always thought of GTA like South Park where anyone is fair game as long as the jokes aren’t super lazy. And if they’re finding it hard to satirise modern times then I worry the game is going to be more serious.
    I’ve always worried about the story direction for GTA IV since we no longer have Dan Houser or Lazlow Jones as writers
  • Only cared for online when 5 first came out but it got shitty over time
  • I don't really trust that they will add more single player content down the road, as they nixed those plans for GTA5, in favor of more microtransaction online garbage.
  • Always cautious for what gta 6 will turn out like now Dan Houser isnt lead writer. The writing is what always made rockstar games so good in my opinion
  • I'm just hoping for a solid single-player campaign as I've near-convinced that GTA6 will only have an online story mode.
  • Meh, Rockstar is a former shell of what it used to be. The sad thing is, aside form all the online only nonsense they focus on now, the games and Rockstar have devolved into the very thing they once mocked. I'll pass on GTA, thanks.
  • Just want a good map and a great single-player story.
  • Good to see we are finally getting a female protagonist, hopefully they're written well should be fun, im not sure about the vice city location id prefer somewhere different but i guess they know its a popular location so sure, why not :D
  • Oh, so now you can pick up a male prostitute.
  • Why cant we have a new GTA location?
  • I wonder if the islands on the leaked map are the "DLC" locations and won't be available at the start.
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