August's Xbox Games With Gold Include Saint's Row 2 and ScourgeBringer

August's Xbox Games With Gold Include Saint's Row 2 and ScourgeBringer

Matt Lorrigan

Xbox Games With Gold is back again this month, with four titles available to claim.

For the month of August, Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can gain access to Xbox One titles Calico and ScourgeBringer, as well as Xbox 360 games Saint's Row 2 and Monaco: What's Yours is Mine.

As usual, there are specific dates when each title is available to be claimed, which you can check out down below.

This is one of the final months that Xbox Games With Gold will be offering Xbox 360 games, with Xbox 360 titles being removed from the monthly offering in October. It's unclear whether the two Xbox 360 titles offered each month will be replaced by Xbox One games, or if the offering will reduce to two titles.

  • An interesting assortment, but I think I'll only be nabbing SR2 as the XOne games don't look like my kind of games, and I already have monaco.
  • You'd think that for the last month of 360 games they'd have something more exciting or unique.
  • Monaco is really good and unique. Great fun with friends. Might have to give it a another go with my daughters. Looking forward to the next one.
  • @Blakgravy, I believe they'll release 360 games up until October. Doesn't mean they'll get any better, but we'll still have a few months of 360 games.
  • @Antidote, you're right. I was a month early. Oops. ;-)
  • @blak If they had something exciting or unique left, they wouldn't be ending it. I say just start giving out games they already have, because NOT everyone had an xbox/gold when they originally offered them. Who cares if they are repeats, but than nothing if they won't replace them with another ONE game.
  • another month of nothing for me
  • Nothing X 2
  • I mean, nothing too stellar sadly.
    I heard good stuff about Calico, but it never stood out to me.
    SR2 is at least a "big" name but seems it's just there due to the Reboot.
    ScourgeBringer I have never heard of so can't give my word on that.
    And I SWEAR Monaco was already given free before.
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