Gotham Knights Gets 16 Minutes of New Batgirl Gameplay

Gotham Knights Gets 16 Minutes of New Batgirl Gameplay

Richard Walker

Following last week's Gotham Knights Batgirl intro, developer WB Games Montreal has shared another 16 minutes of gameplay featuring the game's female hero, showcasing a tutorial section introducing the game's traversal and combat mechanics.

In the game, this particular sequence follows the Gotham Knights prologue, care of IGN. It's the first time you'll take control of a character in the game, having chosen one, before you're introduced to the narrative's central mystery.

Gotham Knights will be coming to Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC on 25th October, and you can take a look at Batgirl's fellow Knights, Red Hood, Nightwing, and Robin by hitting the links. Check out Batgirl in action in the 16 minute trailer below.

  • I really want this game to be good, but every time they reveal more of the game, the more alarm bells go off for me. The incredible freeflow combat of the Arkham series is nowhere to be found in this and other reveals, it looks slow and clumsy as hell. The end fight against a heavy enemy was so anti climatic, he never swings the kettle bell, you don't have to counter anything, you just move out of the way and beat on him a bit. The dialogue from the bad guys is shockingly awful. The cutscenes in 30fps is pretty bad, with stuttering & jankyness. To be fair though, that could be smoothed out by release and it's just an ugly visual thing that can be looked over.

    I will say though, the city itself looks really damn nice and will probably be very enjoyable to swing, glide and errrr magic jump around in.

    I have zero intent to buy this game anymore, if it shows up at my library I'll borrow it from there to give it a try.
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