Beyond Good & Evil 2 Gets a New Lead Writer

Beyond Good & Evil 2 Gets a New Lead Writer

Matt Lorrigan

Beyond Good & Evil 2 is still alive and kicking, it seems, with a new lead writer joining the project.

Sarah Arellano announced her new role at Ubisoft as lead writer on Beyond Good & Evil 2 earlier this week, having previously worked as narrative designer on World of Warcraft, and writer on the upcoming Saints Row reboot.

A follow up to the 2003 title Beyond Good & Evil, Ubisoft has had Beyond Good & Evil 2 in development in one form or another for a very long time now. However, we didn't get our first look at the game in its current form until Ubisoft dropped a new trailer at E3 2017.

However, with creative director Michel Ancel leaving Ubisoft in 2020, it seemed that development on the title might have stalled. Ubisoft later stated that Beyond Good & Evil 2 was “progressing well”, and it seems that, at the very least, a new lead writer joining the team shows us that the project is still in development, albeit possibly with a bit of a narrative shakeup.

  • haven't even thought about this game in years...
  • This game was first announced in 2008 ... 14 years ago. You're hiring another writer 14 years later? This game might be ready in another 10 years, maybe or just never release. I mean shit, Duke Nukem Forever was announced 1997 and released in 2011 ... 14 years for it, yikes.
  • This game must be in absolute development hell. I’m not even convinced it’ll ever release. If it does, I’ll bet all that early gameplay we saw with the ship travelling wherever on the planet is scrapped
  • this game is never gonna happen
  • Not with that attitude it won't! :D
  • @2 And much like Duke Nukem Forever I'm expecting it to be shit because of all the inevitable redesigns it's gone through.
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