MultiVersus Season 1 Will Add a Classic Arcade Mode and a Ranked Mode

MultiVersus Season 1 Will Add a Classic Arcade Mode and a Ranked Mode

Matt Lorrigan

MultiVersus Season 1 will be adding in plenty of new modes and content, WB Games has announced.

The first full season for MultiVersus was originally due to launch tomorrow, alongside the addition of Morty Smith as a playable fighter. However, Season 1 of MultiVersus ended up getting delayed to an undetermined date late last week.

However, WB Games now says that a Season 1 announcement date is coming “very soon”, and the new season will bring with it new cosmetics, a new ranked mode, and a classic arcade mode.

The classic arcade mode might be the most exciting addition to the multiplayer game, and will likely offer a single-player experience in the mould of Super Smash Bros' Classic Mode, where players take on a series of fights with their chosen character.

If you're more into the multiplayer side of things, however, then the new Ranked Mode is probably more up your street. Either way, you'll have a brand new character to try out as well, plus more arriving later in the season.

  • Are they fixing their age rating issue. The game is a pegi 12 yet you need a profile stating you're 18+ to play. Happy for my kids to play multiversus but don't wanna edit their profiles enabling the to play GTA and the like too
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