NBA 2K23 is Bringing Back the Jordan Challenge

NBA 2K23 is Bringing Back the Jordan Challenge

Matt Lorrigan

NBA 2K23 is bringing back the Jordan Challenge, 2K Games has announced.

Previously available in NBA 2K11, the Jordan Challenge allows players to play through memorable moments from the career of NBA legend Michael Jordan. In NBA 2K23, there are fifteen playable moments, from his early days in college basketball, to his game-winning shot for the Chicago Bulls in the 1998 NBA finals.

“The Jordan Challenge is an immersive experience unlike anything NBA 2K fans have seen, completely rebuilding the challenges from 2K11 and adding five new moments,” said Visual Concepts' Erick Boenisch. “Our team took everything into consideration when constructing this game mode; the arenas, the players, the uniforms, the broadcast, and the play style of the era have been accounted for in an effort to give fans a truly authentic and unique playable Jordan experience.”

Each challenge begins with an interview with a luminary who was a part of the game, and features a special video filter which recreates slightly fuzzy experience of watching these games on television in the ‘80s and ’90s. There are also key gameplay changes made depending on the era that the game was played in. You can see a full list of the challenges down below.

  1. 1982 National Championship: University of North Carolina vs. Georgetown
  2. 1984 Team USA Basketball Scrimmage
  3. 1986 Eastern Conference First Round, Game 2
  4. 1988 NBA All-Star Game
  5. 1989 Eastern Conference First Round, Game 5
  6. 1990 Atlanta Hawks at Chicago Bulls
  7. 1990 Chicago Bulls at Cleveland Cavaliers
  8. 1990 Eastern Conference Finals, Game 3
  9. 1991 NBA Finals, Game 5
  10. 1992 NBA Finals, Game 1
  11. 1995 Chicago Bulls at New York Knicks
  12. 1996 NBA Finals, Game 6
  13. 1997 NBA Finals, Game 5
  14. 1997 Chicago Bulls vs. Los Angeles Lakers
  15. 1998 NBA Finals, Game 6

You can check out the Jordan Challenge trailer below. NBA 2K23 is launching on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC on 9th September 2022.

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