Rainbow Six Extraction 'Eclipse' Crisis Event is Live With New Operator Echo

Rainbow Six Extraction 'Eclipse' Crisis Event is Live With New Operator Echo

Matt Lorrigan

Rainbow Six Extraction's third limited-time Crisis Event, Eclipse, is now live until 1st September 2022.

This new event sees players diving deeper into the Truth or Consequences map, in an attempt to take on the Neoplasm, an alien threat that has plunged each area into partial darkness. Faced with this lack of visibility, players have to track down the Neoplasm, weakening it with a stealth takedown. However, the Neoplasm sends out pulses which detect movement, and if it spots you, it will flee into the next sub-zone, making for a more difficult next encounter. In the third sub-zone, players will have to eliminate the Neoplasm for good, before making it to the extraction point.

Eclipse also sees a new operator joining the team. Echo, who players will know from Rainbow Six Siege, arrives in Rainbow Six Extraction, with a drone that transmits video feed to him, and ultrasonic bursts that disorient targets.

There's also new REACT Tech in the form of the Aura Grenade, which lures enemy Archaens, before being remotely detonated to stun or kill enemies. And, of course, there are new cosmetic items, themed charms, and extra XP to grab along the way.

Rainbow Six Extraction: Eclipse Overview

  • The New Aura Grenade REACT Tech
  • The New Operator Echo
  • New cosmetic items
  • The New Neoplasm enemy
  • Themed Charms for players to keep
  • Extra XP towards Milestone Progression

You can check out the CG trailer, as well as a gameplay trailer and overview trailer for Rainbow Six Extraction: Eclipse down below.

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