Leak Reveals That Alone in the Dark is Getting a Resident Evil 2-Style Remake

Leak Reveals That Alone in the Dark is Getting a Resident Evil 2-Style Remake

Matt Lorrigan

A remake of 1992's Alone in the Dark has leaked ahead of its official reveal.

Developed by Pieces Interactive and published by THQ Nordic, the game, simple titled Alone in the Dark, appears to have leaked via Belgian retailer Smartoys. The listing has since been removed, but images and details from the listing have been posted by Twitter user Idle Sloth.

With this, we get a look at the boxart for the game, with Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC versions all available. Leaked screenshots show the game being played from a third-person perspective, with an over-the-shoulder camera view, much like the recent remakes of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3, and we've even got some details on the game.

The description describes the game as a “retelling” of Alone in the Dark, a game that is often namechecked as the originator of the survival horror genre. The new game's story has apparently be penned by Mikael Hedberg, who has previously written for SOMA and Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

THQ Nordic announced back in 2018 that it had acquired the Alone in the Dark IP, and it seems this leaked remake is the fruits of that acquisition. We'll likely be getting an official announcement during the THQ Nordic Summer Showcase later today.

  • Nice! Used to play the three original games; much better than the 2001 “sequel” or that pitiful Xbox 360 release in 2008. Hope this one turns out as good as the originals.

    “Alone in the Dark is considered a forefather, and often the originator, of the survival horror genre and it strongly influenced Shinji Mikami's direction of the original Resident Evil game, as well as the franchise as a whole.”
  • New nightmare wasn't great but could be argued that the flashlight to kill enemies inspired Alan wake and the 2008 Alone in the dark wasn't awful either just some questionable design decisions from a developer Eden who mostly responsible for racing games. But i do think the modern day setting didn't help.

    Glad to see the remake will be set in the Gothic American south during the 1920s like the original and both Emily Hartwood and Edward Carnby are playable, not sure yet if it's just character select or the stories will differ depending on who you pick.
  • trailers now up to check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddsa1IB9MH4
  • Appreciate the trailer link, cheers!
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