Deliver Us Mars Has Been Delayed Until February 2023

Deliver Us Mars Has Been Delayed Until February 2023

Richard Walker

Developer KeokeN Interactive has confirmed that Deliver Us Mars will no longer make its  previously announced September release date, and will instead launch a few months later in February 2023. The upcoming sequel to Deliver Us the Moon is billed as the studio's “most ambitious project to date”, and thus, demands some extra development time.

“It is important to us that this experience is the best it can be at launch,” a tweet from the official Deliver Us Mars account declares. “With this is mind, we’ve collectively made the difficult decision to move the release date to 2nd February 2023 in order to ensure that we are able to live up to that ambition."

The statement continues: “Whilst we understand this news might be disappointing, we are excited for you all to face the challenges of Mars, traverse its hostile environments, and discover the mystery of the ARKs. Your patience will allow us to deliver the best experience we can”.

Deliver Us Mars will see protagonist Kathy Johanson (played by Poldark and Young Wallander's Ellise Chappell) taking a voyage to the eponymous Red Planet, on a search for her missing father Isaac, during a mission to retrieve colossal colonisation vessels known as ARKs. Deliver Us Mars is now due to release on 2nd February 2023.

  • Typical and lame as fuck at the same time.

    Wouldn’t be normal if any game didn’t get at least one or two delays prior to original release dates.
  • This is why they should never give release dates anymore to some degree and if they do not tell us the game is going to be delayed only a month or less before the previous release date.
  • I think the problem is the premature announcements/reveals, or the so called "leak" of a game's existence. So many publishers and developers like to reveal or announce a game years in advance to get a sort of hype train going. So while people wait years because of the premature announcement/reveal/leak, they grow impatient. So then when a delay hits, the impatience becomes annoyance.

    Similarly, how @blackpantherVII stated not to give release dates, games shouldn't be revealed or announced until months of when the publishers or developers actually deem it ready for purchase, but that'll never happen.
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