Grounded Has Received a New 'Shared Worlds' Feature via its Latest Patch

Grounded Has Received a New 'Shared Worlds' Feature via its Latest Patch

Richard Walker

Obsidian Entertainment has added a new ‘Shared Worlds’ feature to Grounded via its latest update, enabling you to own and store up to three of your own Shared Worlds at once, which friends can host while you're not online. The feature joins the game's Standard Worlds, offering the option to have up to fifty Shared Worlds with you at any one time.

Standard Worlds can be converted to a Shared World through Grounded's Save/Load menu, and any Shared Worlds you own or have been shared with others, can be copied as a local Standard World for you to play solo. To play a Shared World, you'll have to host it as a Multiplayer game, and only a single person can host a Shared World at a time.

Progress made while hosting a Shared World will be “properly restored regardless of who hosts the world next”, and if the Shared World host drops out for the day, someone else who owns the world shared with them can rehost it. You can also use the system to share copies of save games with friends. Obsidian notes that the feature is in beta and “could have issues”, potentially demanding that online shared saves could be reset or lost, as the developer irons out bugs.

“If you test this feature out with a save with lots of progress, make sure it is not the only working copy of the world you have on your account,” the studio warns on its official forum. “The shared save service could also go offline at any time during this testing phase to account for issues or updates as needed.”

You cna try out the Shared Worlds feature in Grounded now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via the 0.14.0 Public Test Patch, which also implements the following changes:

  • Firefly headlamp no longer randomly flickers.
  • Tuned BURG.Ls movement settings a bit.
  • Bird no longer shows up in the Rest Time-lapse.
  • The "Open Crafting Menu" hotkey has been set back to C for keyboard. "Customize" building hotkey changed from C to G for keyboard.
  • Fireflies come down to the yard during the evening again.
  • The Import Save button has been added to Steam builds as well.
  • “Fashion Nuggets” and "Rock of Fashion" have been changed to "Style Nuggets" and "Rock of Style".

Grounded is due to launch as a full game for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC on 27th September. You can read more about the new Shared Worlds feature here.

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