Wild West Vampire Game 'Evil West' Has Been Delayed to November

Wild West Vampire Game 'Evil West' Has Been Delayed to November

Matt Lorrigan

Developer Flying Wild Hog has announced that the release of Evil West has been delayed to November.

Originally due to release next month, Evil West follows vampire-hunting cowboy Jesse Rentier through a gothic, supernatural version of the Wild West. With Shadow Warrior 3 developer Flying Wild Hog on development duty, things look promising for this new IP, especially following June's 10-minute gameplay trailer. However, we'll be waiting a couple more months to play it, following the delay.

“We are working our very best to achieve our vision of Evil West, and to meet your expectations. Evil West releases on five platforms, including multiple generations of consoles,” says a statement from the developer and publisher.

“Giving our game more polish is crucial to provide our players with not only good but also lasting memories. That's something that we've always pursued. To ensure that the game reaches its full potential, we have made the decision to delay the worldwide launch of Evil West.”

“We understand that game delays may be frustrating, but it's a necessary step to deliver the best experience to everyone.”

Evil West will now launch on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC on 22nd November 2022.

  • Another one bites the dust…
  • @1, true... but it looks like they're not trying to be the next Cyberpunk, releasing across five platforms and making sure it all works. It still might not in the end, but one can hope.
  • November isn't anything to be upset about. Hopefully it gets a solid launch. I wouldn't mind checking this out.
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