It Looks Like Death Stranding is Coming to Xbox Game Pass For PC

It Looks Like Death Stranding is Coming to Xbox Game Pass For PC

Matt Lorrigan

Bizarrely, it appears that Kojima's Sony-published game Death Stranding will be coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC in the near future.

The news was hinted at by the official PC Game Pass Twitter account, which changed its profile picture to an unknown video game landscape, and tweeted out “sometimes we just like a good landscape picture #NewProfilePic”.

Well, less than six hours later, it appears that the source of that video game landscape had been found. As spotted by @naven0m on Twitter, the landscape seems to come from Death Stranding. They even grabbed their own screenshot, which matches up nearly identically to the PC Game Pass profile picture.

The Xbox Game Pass social media accounts are well known for teasing fans ahead of reveals, and this one is particularly interesting. Death Stranding launched as a PS4 exclusive in 2019, before coming to PC in 2020, and then PS5 in 2021. Sony owns the Death Stranding IP, so it's a little funny to see that it will be coming to Xbox Game Pass, even on PC, likely getting its own Xbox Achievements list in the process. It wouldn't be the first time something like this has happened, however, with the Sony-developed MLB The Show games launching on Xbox Game Pass in recent years.

We'll likely be getting an official announcement in the near future.

  • If true, god I hope it also comes to Series X. Give me an excuse to play this again.
  • I was just thinking the same thing. This game was just incredible.
  • Really hope it comes to series X as well.

    Never really liked playing games on my PC for some reason.

    Last game I played on PC was counter-strike back in the early 2000’s lol
  • If this comes to Xbox, I expect MGS4 to follow!
  • I recently played this game and I'm really not sure about it. The idea is great and something completely different.

    But after a while it gets way too repetitive and boring. Also the story is sooooo weird that it's getting more than unreliable for me at some point.

    I also hate the controls, the menus are unintuitive and so complicated that the micro-management (and there's a lot of it!) gets very annoying. And if you think the Mako in Mass Effect's original release was bad to steer, than you'll have a lot of fun with the trucks in Death Stranding....

    The game looks great and the cast is doing a very good job but in my opinion that's not enough.

    I'll give it a 6 of 10, maybe it's really just me but Death Stranding is the best example for an absolutely overhyped game. I'm quite sure most people wouldn't care much about it if it's not made by Hideo Kojima.
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