Jitsu Squad, a 'Lightning-Fast' Brawler For Up to Four Players is Coming to Xbox 'Soon'

Jitsu Squad, a 'Lightning-Fast' Brawler For Up to Four Players is Coming to Xbox 'Soon'

Richard Walker

Jitsu Squad, a “whacky” and “chaotic” 2D brawler featuring colourful hand-drawn cartoon visuals and couch co-op for up to four-players, will be coming to Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch, publisher ININ Games has announced.

Developed by Tanuki Creative Studio, Jitsu Squad is inspired by ‘90s beat ’em ups, pitting you against waves of enemies alone or with a team of up to four co-op allies. Armed with “flashy” super moves, you'll be able to string together combo chains, as you take on the minions of evil sorcerer, Origami.

Featuring music from Crus 40 singer, Johnny Gioeli, famed for his Sonic the Hedgehog tunes, Jitsu Squad promises “lightning-fast” combat, eight different planets to save, powerful character transformations, a character upgrade system, and a 2-player tag-team mode in which two players can choose two characters each.

Jitsu Squad will be heading to Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch “soon”. Check out the announcement trailer below.

  • May want to point out this game exists thanks to a successful kickstarter campaign.
  • @1, I'm asking out of genuine curiosity... Why would that matter?

    I ask because I see it as, some things get made with or without the support of others, so as long as it's made, does it matter how it got made? Of course, withstanding criminal/unethical practices.
  • I think maybe because someone was complaining last week that Kickstarter should be banned from game development or something. It wasn't the smartest comment I've read on the site, lol.
  • @2 Well almost every game that came to be that happened because of Kickstarter got referenced when announced/mentioned. This one didn’t, I believed it was a simple oversight but seeing as no change has happened to the article I’m now guessing it was more laziness.
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