Capcom Dates Lost Planet 2 & Super Street Fighter IV

Dan Webb

It feels like only a month ago we were announcing Capcom's delay of two of their proprietary flagship franchises... oh wait, it was. Well today Capcom re-dated both Lost Planet 2 and Super Street Fighter IV in their more sales friendly release windows.

The return of Capcom's 2D classic fighting franchise with its follow-up to its 2009 version, Street Fighter IV, not only sees the introduction of some new (and old) characters and retuned online modes, but also the return of the classic bonus modes and even some new ultra combos. Super Street Fighter IV will be fighting its way into stores this coming April 27th and April 30th in North America and Europe respectively. No word on its price yet.

Capcom's follow-up to the 2.3 million selling, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, is set to delve deeper into the world of the EDN II across six interconnected episodes of four player co-op mayhem. You can tackle toothy worms and take on some humongous bosses in Lost Planet 2 this coming May 18th when it releases worldwide.

Seeing a couple of titles drop pre-summer is always good to see, but Capcom seemingly dropped Super Street Fighter IV into the same month as Red Dead Redemption and Splinter Cell: Conviction... which kind of goes against their original delay reasons... oh well. Can't avoid them all.

  • I'll pass on SPF4, but LP2 sounds good so far!
  • Woooo Finally a date on Lost Planet 2, Looking forward to this game.
  • Just in time for my birthday on May 2nd :D
  • Oops, I meant SSF4. Damn lack of proofreading!
  • im looking forward to super street fighter IV. since last years version is now cheap, hopefully the new version wont be the full 60 dollar price.
  • I'll wait for Super Street Fighter 4 Turbo Remix 2.
  • Nice, i'm really looking forward to LP2. Theres an interesting video up on the marketplace called "Lost Planet 2 meets Gears of War". I'm wondering why Capcom and Epic did this video together, it probably doesn't mean anything or make any sense but I wonder if they are working on something together.
  • I'm sure SSF4 will be $40 US. Capcom's already said they won't charge full price for the refresh.
  • Never mind everyone, I just found out that Marcus and Dom will be playable chars via DLC for the 360 version of LP2. I don't know if this is new news or not, first I've heard of it though.
  • street fighter is the beast, its better in arcades tho...
  • Good stuff, gives some breathing room between these and Bioshock 2/AvP2. Since RDR is a rental for me and Im avoiding SP:C, this leaves plenty of time for LP2 and SSFIV!
  • I can't wait for SSFIV, especially as I'm not fussed about Splinter Cell or Red
  • Perfect dates. I should be done with games like ME2, AvP, Dantes Inferno ++ before then.
  • I'll rent it.
  • Damn we have to wait till May now for LP2!! DAMN!
  • Goddamn it everythings coming out in march. I havent the money for all this and i badly want Lost planet 2, Bad company 2 and dragon age awakening.
  • I'm going to party it up for my birthday late April, and then after I have come down from my Party High I'll pick up SSF4 a few days later :)
  • Dont care that much for SFIV but LP2 will push me to beat the 1st
  • I still think SSFIV should have been DLC
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