Gotham Knights Has Gone Gold Ahead of October Release

Gotham Knights Has Gone Gold Ahead of October Release

Richard Walker

Developer WB Games Montréal has announced that Gotham Knights has gone gold, meaning that the game is now content-locked and on-course for its October release.

Gotham Knights had been slated for 2021, before being pushed into 2022, “giving the game more time to deliver the best possible experience for players”, according to the studio. Featuring Robin, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Batgirl, in a Gotham City where Batman is no longer alive, Gotham Knights features an expansive open world to explore, and numerous villains - including The Court of Owls - to take down.

Previously, WB Games Montréal has offered extensive looks at Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl, and Red Hood, showcasing their unique combat styles, alternate looks, and traversal abilities. Gotham Knights is set to launch for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC on 25th October, with support for two vigilante buddies playing online co-op.

  • I'm happy they're happy, but the game still looks like a step backwards to me. No thanks.
  • @Neo I'm Happy that you're happy that they're happy, but I'm waiting for Black Friday
  • Well, I'm not happy until you're not happy :P
  • I agree the game looks worse than Arkham Knight, speaking of which I would be happy with a remastered 4k 60 fps Arkham Knight more so than this game.
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