Rainbow Six Siege's Year 7 Season 3 Introduces 'Operation Brutal Swarm' With New Attacker Grim and His Bee Bots

Rainbow Six Siege's Year 7 Season 3 Introduces 'Operation Brutal Swarm' With New Attacker Grim and His Bee Bots

Richard Walker

Ubisoft has unveiled Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 3, titled ‘Operation Brutal Swarm’, so-called because of its new Operator, Grim, who has his own swarm of location-exposing bee bots. The new season, which launches in September, will also add a ‘fan-favourite' map, and roll out Phase 2 of the new Reputation System.

Hailing from Singapore, Grim is a high speed, low health Attacker, who packs a Kawan Hive Launcher System gadget, which fires a canister on the ground, releasing a swarm of bee bots. Any Defenders who pass through the swarm will have their location pinged to rivals, until the bee bots run out of battery. Grim also has a 55 Commando or SG-CQB as primary weapon, and a P229 as his secondary.

Grim will arrive alongside the Road to S.I. event's ‘Stadium’ map, permanently added to the game's map pool under the name ‘Stadium Bravo’. The map includes elements from other maps, as well as indestructible bulletproof glass, prompting new strategies for both squads. Balancing changes and other gameplay updates are also promised as part of Operation Brutal Swarm.

Tweaks to Finka and LMGs are among the upcoming changes, alongside the addition of impact EMP grenades, more weapon attachment options, and an overhaul to each weapon's recoil. Balancing updates to Dokkaebi and Rook are also planned for mid-season, as are changes to the Map Ban Phase, displaying five maps rather than three, in a bid to increase map diversity.

The Tactical Map is also due an update to provide more info to Attackers during the preparation phase, and the ability to report suspected cheaters is also heading to the Match Replay viewer. To that end, Phase 2 of the Reputation System will also continues to address improvements to palyer behaviour, with a new penalty for abusive text chat, muting repeat offenders by default.

Year 7 Season 3 Operation Brutal Swarm will also spotlight the Nighthaven faction, the Private Military Company offering its services to the highest bidder, Finka, Pulse, Ela, IQ and Smoke have all left Rainbow for Nighthaven, joining Kali, Wamai, Aruni, Ace, Osa and chief of security, Grim.

Operation Brutal Swarm will be going live in Rainbow Six Siege from 6th September, with any players who own a current Battle Pass receiving a 10% discount on all items in the shop, a perk also available for future Battle Passes.

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