Ubisoft Could Be Working on a New Game Featuring Marvel's Badass Vampire Hunter, Blade [Update: Ubisoft Says 'Nope']

Ubisoft Could Be Working on a New Game Featuring Marvel's Badass Vampire Hunter, Blade [Update: Ubisoft Says 'Nope']

Richard Walker


Ubisoft has responded to today's rumour that it's making a Blade game, “slicing up” the speculation with a statement on Twitter.

“Sorry to slice up the rumors, we're not making a Blade game but we can't wait to see what our friends at @MarvelStudios are cooking up for next year's movie!", the statement reads.

That's that, then, which begs the question: what is Ubisoft doing this motion capture for, then? Hmm…

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With EA rumoured to be working on single-player Black Panther and Iron Man games, Ubisoft could also be concocting its own Marvel project - a title based upon vampire hunting hero, Blade.

The rumour originates from actor Edwin Gaffney, who shared a picture of himself and actor Alex Martin on Instagram, as spotted by YouTuber JorRaptor (via VGC). The image shows Gaffney and Martin in motion capture gear, sporting Ubisoft logos, with the hasthags #mocap, #performancecapture, #ubisoft, and #ubisoftgames.

A second image in the same post has the duo holding a clapperboard that bears the production's title of ‘Marvel’, listing the director as B. Tariq, which appears to be Bassam Tariq, the director of the new Marvel Studios Blade flick starring Mahersala Ali, due to release in November 2023.

Gaffney and Martin are also holding (mocap) swords, slung over their respective shoulders, which is, of course, Blade's primary tool of vampire slaughter. It might be a little bit of a stretch, but the clues appear to be all there, pointing towards a possible Blade project in the works at Ubisoft.

Here's hoping that's the case anyway, as we had Blade on our list of Marvel characters we think should have their own games. Blade will also be appearing in 2K and Firaxis' Marvel's Midnight Suns, a turn-based strategy take on heroes like Spider-Man, Wolverine, Scarlet Witch, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, and Doctor Strange.

  • Honestly surprised it took Marvel this long to start to pump out video games. Their timing really sucks since Superhero Fatigue has absolutely started to set in (finally). Should have starting doing more games during Phase 3 when Marvel was unstoppable.
  • https://twitter.com/Ubisoft/status/1561692514263908352

    Ubisoft confirms the rumor isn't real.
  • I hope is is white this time for diversity sake. Then if anyone is upset we can call them racist! Lol all jokes aside I love Blade and I would love for him to have a stand alone game
  • @1 NGL I am so tired of super hero stuff. Kind of like how Zombie fatigue kicked in during the 2010s. So many zombies movies and games then, it got so watered down
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