Amazon Reportedly Won't Be Making a Bid to Buy EA, Despite Earlier Rumours

Amazon Reportedly Won't Be Making a Bid to Buy EA, Despite Earlier Rumours

Richard Walker

Rumours have been swirling today that online retail giant Amazon is apparently set to make a move to acquire Electronic Arts, but a report from CNBC has seemingly debunked speculation surrounding the potential deal.

“I have talked to some people who would actually know if there was something going on, and they say there's nothing going on,” said CNBC's David Farber (via GameSpot), who added that Comcast-NBC Universal had also been approached by EA for a similar deal, which subsequently failed to happen.

Amazon's stock saw a temporary rise as the rumours of its EA acquisition surfaced, but fell soon after, following the reports being disputed. EA has seemingly been looking to broker an acquisition for some time, holding talks with Apple and Disney regarding the possibility of a sale, with EA execs aggressive seeking a deal.

For now, however, it seems that Amazon and Electronic Arts might not be signing anything just yet, although, if the rumours turn out to be legitimate, the deal could be announced today.

  • Would’ve just went from one milking company to another.

    Nothing would’ve changed.

    Sadly it’s what the gaming industry has evolved into ever since the introduction to “DLC” wayyyyyyy back in the Xbox 360 days. About 3 years after it’s release I’d have to say.

    I even called it back then, saying it was a horrible idea cause it would just dilute the games and ruin the way games are made.

    …fast forward to 2022 look where we are.

    Some DLC is nice, IF it actually adds real extended gameplay for the player, NOT cosmetics, guns, cars, etc. that shit does nothing except allow the player to play virtual dress up with real $.

    Apparently that’s what kids want now more than a entertaining game with great gameplay.
  • @ Yourburntstar

    Still to this day it amazes me that there's people out there like you who are actually bothered by how other people spend their money. Try caring less
  • You obviously missed the entire point of what I said.

    I could careless what people choose to waste their money on.

    The point of it was the fact that game company’s would rather focus more on that type of garbage that cost nothing to make, yet yields the same amount of money if not more for making a entire game.

    Therefore like I said above, it completely dilutes the game industry as a whole, they could careless if the games they make are essentially unplayable 80% of the time due to glitches/bugs.

    If you still don’t understand, I’d have to say you are part of the problem that is more than happy to by shotty products.

    Just saying..
  • I've played a lot of games this year, I don't think 80% are unplayable. Maybe you just need to pick better games.
  • That’s cute.
  • Settle down children, or i'll have to turn this car around.
  • Tell 'em, Darth!
  • Kids also in the back seat "are we there yet?!?!"
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