Grounded Update Marks the Game's 'Home Stretch' Ahead of its September 1.0 Launch

Grounded Update Marks the Game's 'Home Stretch' Ahead of its September 1.0 Launch

Richard Walker

Obsidian has rolled out a ‘Home Stretch’ update for Grounded, adding a few final major features before the game's 1.0 release arrives next month. Among the new additions is the previously-unveiled Shared Worlds feature, which enables you to store up to three owned worlds in the cloud, allowing other players to play them, even while offline.

Up to fifty Shared Worlds can be shared with other players, while current Standard Worlds can be converted to Shared Worlds via the Save/Load menu. Via the new update, you can also tame a gnat as a pet, with tuned passive buffs and the ability to increase their health by equipping them with armour.

Robot buddy BURG.L has been updated, too, with the ability to “roll his treads” so he can inspect the Oak Lab and provide assistance. Cookery, too, has undergone an update, with craftable meals at the cookery rather than the oven, available as an earlier crafting unlock. Armour and Weapon upgrades have also had a revamp.

Through a new upgrade system, you can use Fashion Nuggets and Tough Nuggets materials to craft and upgrade armour and weapons, respectively, while you can also pass time using the new Rest Timelapse, and see the hours roll by in the yard as you get in some nap time.

Grounded will be launching in full on 27th September for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC, available via Xbox Game Pass.

[Via Xbox Wire]

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