September's Games with Gold Include Gods Will Fall and Portal 2

September's Games with Gold Include Gods Will Fall and Portal 2

Richard Walker

September is almost upon us, which means it's time for new Games with Gold. The coming month has another four titles on offer as part of your Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Leading the charge is Gods Will Fall, a brutal action-adventure epic, wherein you'll fight monsters with spears, swords, maces, and axes, in the land of the gods.

Double Kick Heroes will then join the party from 16th September, taking you across a series of post-apocalyptic highways, as you battle zombies and roving militia from the comfort of your ‘Gundillac’ ride. Featuring a metal soundtrack, you'll be able to headbang through thirty intense levels, combining shooter mechanics and rhythm action.

As for backwards compatible original Xbox and Xbox 360 titles, there are two rather nice ones to choose from for September, with the Xbox version of Thrillville, serving up theme park-building fun, covering rollercoasters, go-karts, mini-golf, and more, with the option to invite along friends for party games.

Last, but definitely by no means least, the seminal Portal 2 will round out the month (and GwG's BC offerings), Valve's excellent first-person, physics-bending co-op puzzler transporting you to the confines of Aperture Science's laboratories as robot buddies Atlas and P-Body, with all manner of mechanics to master, while the voices of Stephen Merchant and J.K. Simmons chime-in during the devilishly humorous story.

Check out September's Games with Gold below.

Games with Gold - September 2022

[Via Xbox Wire]

  • Portal 2. What a send-off. Part of me was hoping we'd get a huge batch of 360 titles free, but we can't always win.
  • Sweet, was kinda wanting to play portal 2 and was waiting for a sale, think I'll wait just a bit more XD
  • There's a typo in the article. It's not Thrillville off the rails, that was given in July. It's the original Xbox game this month.
  • @3 - D'oh. Thanks for pointing that out. Fixed!
  • Portal 2 was just a great game.
  • Portal 2 is decent done it a few times but always worth doing again if I don't have to dig it out of a cupboard
  • Portal 2 is fantastic and I envy anyone playing it for the first time!
  • So lame they are are stopping the 360 games with gold. They were often, if not always the better ones.
  • I definitely will miss the X360 games. Not only as they're really free as you keep them on your account even without having gold. Sad.
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