Battlefield 2042 Season 2: Master of Arms is Live Now With New Map, Specialist, Weapons, and Battle Pass

Battlefield 2042 Season 2: Master of Arms is Live Now With New Map, Specialist, Weapons, and Battle Pass

Richard Walker

EA and DICE have launched Battlefield 2042's Season 2: Master of Arms, serving up a new wave of content, including a new map and Specialist, as well as new weapons and vehicles, Battlefield Portal updates, and a 100-tier Battle Pass. The new Specialist, weapons, vehicles, cosmetics, and more, are available via the Battle Pass's Free tier track. Additional cosmetic items can be unlocked through the Premium track.

Season 2 introduces the new Panama-based ‘Stranded’ map, featuring a drained lake, and an illicit arms trade hub inside a shipwrecked tanker, perfect for close-quarters combat. The new Specialist, meanwhile, is former arms dealer, Charlie Crawford, armed with a Mounted Vulcan stationary minigun, and the ability to revive allies and refill their gadget ammo.

New weapons added to your arsenal for Season 2 include the AM40 carbine, the high-tech Avancys light machine gun, the hybrid SMG and pistol PF51, and the throwable Conucssion Grenade. Assignments are also now available, offering a way to unlock weapons previously only available in Battlefield Portal, via All-Out Warfare, starting with the M60E4 and M16A3. Assignments will also enable you to unlock Season 1 vehicles, weapons, and Specialists.

New vehicles include the four-seater EBLC-RAM, and, due to be added in the first Season 2 update, the speedy Polaris RZR. Rounding things out for Season 2 is the addition  of new Builder capabilities for Battlefield Portal, as well as the new Custom Conquest preset, and more. The first Season 2 update will also include five classic weapons from Battlefield 3, Battlefield Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 1942.

Battlefield 2042 Season 2: Master of Arms is live now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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